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How will engineers of the future work?

Discover the fascinating work of engineers at the Girls’Day, STEM Day, or a simulation workshop with your school class.

A career with a future? With simulation!

Are you familiar with simulation from Minecraft? Or does the idea of changing a virtual 3D world with creative solutions and of creating and trying out something new excite you? If so, we have something in common. Admittedly, in our profession we tend to simulate products, which means that physics and technology play a greater role. But apart from that...

What exactly is simulation?

Whether a house, bicycle, smartphone chip or artificial heart, they all start as a digital 3D model on a computer. Virtual tests, or simulations using the 3D model can help to clarify all manner of different aspects.

In the end, simulation is "only" a function of complex mathematics and physics, both of which are preprogrammed into special simulation software. Since its use is very straightforward, those working in research and development can work on very important issues such as: How can products be made safer? How can CO2 be reduced? Which surgical reduces the risk for patients?

Get a taste of what it’s like

How do engineers work? If you don’t know and there’s no one you can visit at work, then we’d be delighted to show you how we work, what we enjoy so much about our work, and what activities might be involved. Take a study break and see if it might be something for you.

Katharina .
Girls' Day participants

We were able to work with expert software for engineers. We simulated the vibration of the air column in an Alpine horn and were able to hear the sound on a real Alpine horn. As I play an instrument myself, the combination of testing and simulation was really exciting.

Innovative experts create the future

university subjects to choose from
with many options in the field of sciences, technology, engineering, and math
< 2%
unemployment rate for engineers
Technical experts are amongst the most sought-after specialists
Euros and more is possible as entry salary
with a wide range of specialist or management career options

Energy-saving refrigerators, powerful smartphones, eco-friendly mobility, or invisible hearing aids - all share one thing in common: Digital prototypes are created in the ideas lab and extensively tested using simulations. Are you thinking about professions in the natural sciences, medical engineering, IT development, acoustics design, architecture or engineering? You will encounter digital models and simulation in each of them. So welcome to our world!

Some more questions about engineering professions

Simulation for the whole day? Won’t that get boring?

Rarely! It’s just like using a game console. The software is enhanced with every release and the hardware features keep on getting better. That, and the development of new processes such as 3D printing, gives us options (and the need) for continued training and specialization. Especially in cross-functional work – working towards a solution in collaboration with colleagues from completely different disciplines, such as product design, construction, marketing, sales – there’s a lot of variation.

Will your profession still exist in 20 years’ time?

Certainly. When we consider the developments of the past 20 years makes us very curious about what might change in the future: how the software will look, what gigantic computing clusters or quantum computers can improve, or which tasks artificial intelligence is capable of completing faster. Naturally, better technology gives us the opportunity to process far more complex tasks and, for example, to model processes at the chemical level. But in 20 years’ time, the creative problem solvers and future shapers will still be us, engineers.

What do you like about your job? Why did you choose it?

The key thing about the job of a simulation technology engineer is the opportunity to make a difference in every industry, to change something or improve something. We continue the development of products with the aim of making them a little faster, more efficient, and safer. Our work allows us to shape tomorrow’s world and, hopefully, to contribute to resources being used more responsibly or more sustainably.

Career-orientation offers for schools

Career opportunities and study programs for engineering simulation

Are you organizing a career information event at your school? Depending on availability, one of our colleagues would be happy to come and talk about engineering simulation and product development. A presentation on individual career options can provide impulse for study choices. The offer is available to all secondary schools that end with examinations leading to university entry qualification.

Simulation workshop for your school class

Are you looking for an exciting day out for senior students of mathematics, physics, or technology? If your school is close to one of our ten branches, then why not take the opportunity to experience simulation live at our education day? Please request dates and maximum participant numbers in advance

STEM.Study.Practice at Munich University of Applied Sciences

The Munich STEM4Girls activity is a career orientation for female students of a different kind: The Munich University of Applied Sciences integrates relevant STEM chairs and innovative technology companies for compact and varied taster workshops. Over the course of a day, participants get to know interesting STEM courses of study and receive real insights into suitable occupational fields.

What teachers are saying

Michael Link
Zentralgewerbeschule Buchen

The hands-on workshop with CADFEM really helped to give us an insight into the everyday development tasks of a simulation engineer.

If career orientation is of interest to your students,

we’d be delighted to support you in presenting interesting study and career paths from the STEM range.

Sponsoring member of MINT Zukunft e.V.

The association MINT Zukunft e.V. has committed to demonstrating to girls and boys the different perspectives in natural and computer sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at a young age. As part of its social commitment, CADFEM therefore supports students in gaining early, multifaceted insights into the exciting world of simulation and in considering a professional future in the technical environment.

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.