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DISCOVERY Live - simulation en temps réel pour les concepteurs et les développeurs



De la génération d'idées à la conception détaillée, ANSYS Discovery entre toujours en jeu lorsqu'il y a plus d'une option de conception et que des réponses fiables sont requises sans attendre. Découvrez dans nos courtes vidéos comment ANSYS Discovery est déjà utilisé en pratique dans des entreprises de différentes industries :

Comment les chantiers navals MV utilisent la simulation en temps réel pour le développement de concepts de ventilation

Comment Kaiser AG et Brand Engineering développent conjointement des composants de pelleteuse avec la simulation en temps réel

ANSYS DISCOVERY : Démonstration des fonctions du produit

Anja Höller
Ventes, CADFEM GmbH, Grafing

Webinar tip: simple and precise simulation of rolling bearings

In October, The Technology Day, which focused on a new way of simulating rolling bearings, was of great interest for people involved in this technology. Due to the positive feedback, CADFEM and Meshparts will repeat the event on December 9, 2019 as a webinar.

You are using rolling bearings in your products and you know the challenge of analyzing them under the influence of preload, clearance, external loads or temperature?

CADFEM and Meshparts would like to present a very comfortable and reliable strategy in this webinar. Take the opportunity and get an insight of a new technology to design rolling bearings even more precisely and efficiently. Any type of rolling bearing from different manufacturers can be selected from a central database and be integrated into the existing assembly, for example:

  • Deep groove ball bearing
  • Angular contact or four point contact bearings
  • Cylindrical, cone or needle roller bearings

The influence of attachments such as shafts and housings in larger assemblies with many bearing points also can be easily considered.

Info-Webinar: simple and precise simulation of rolling bearings
Date: Monday, December 9, 2019, 2-3pm
Instructors: CADFEM and Meshparts employees
Fee: non

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FORUM: MATERIALS – to find the proper material requires knowledge and care

CADFEM at the ISGATEC, December 3- 4, 2019 in Mannheim

Regarding new products many of the requirements on sealings can only be met with the right materials and composites and less through design changes. During the forum we will inform you how to choose the appropriate material out of many options and how to evaluate their individual advantages and limits. Experts will provide state of the art information on materials, compounds and multilayers for sealings, moulded parts and profiles to quickly find the right choice in practice.

At this forum you will participate in the profound expertise of the speakers. During the event, a lot of options will be given to exchange information. Thus you can expand your network and meet with potential solution partners.

// Forum contribution by Christof Gebhardt | CADFEM GmbH //

Material knowledge for predictive maintenance. A Digital twin of seals ensure availability and optimize operation.
The digital twin is the virtual image of a specific product or system that accompanies its physical counterpart for a lifetime.
On the basis of suitable material models, it can evaluate the degradation of components which can hardly be reached out of measurements. The integration of digital twins into an easy-to-use IT infrastructure makes them attractive for operators and manufacturers. For operators, optimal running performance has first priority. For manufacturers of equipment and components, new business models based on the extended application profiles become possible. The example of a seal in the processing industry shows how simulation technology, IT infrastructure and business models can create added value for manufacturers and operators.

ISGATEC: Event details + registration

MV Werften uses live simulation for the development of ventilation concepts

Ventilation is a central comfort factor for the feel-good climate on board of luxurious cruise ships. MV Werften relies on the efficiency of ANSYS Discovery Live to quickly assess changes in design and to iunderstand current conditions.

The working process is also efficient with prefabricated cabins as plug-in modules for the ship. On one hand, this results in maximum passenger comfort and, on the other hand, secures solid development without surprises for MV Werften.

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CADFEM with ANSYS additive solutions at the formnext

November, 19 – 22, 2019 in Frankfurt, Hall 12, Booth D95

CADFEM at the leading trade fair for additive manufacturing at the joint booth of Leichtbau BW.

This year with the software solutions from ANSYS, CADFEM offers something for every user in additive manufacturing: from additive data managers over product optimizers to developers of additive construction parameters.

With the new "Additive Prep" software - part of the "Additive Print" product package - the orientation of the 3D geometry during production, the required support structure and the production-related layering can be determined.

In addition to detailed process simulation, the "Additive Suite" enables optimizers of products an additive manufacturing using geometry adjustments, topology optimization and lattice generation, as well as the investigate of thermal hot spots.

"Additive Science" supports the fast determination of efficient construction strategies in order to save valuable development time.

Find out more and visit us at the formnext from November 19-22, 2019 in Frankfurt, joint booth with Leichtbau BW in hall 12, booth D95!

Leichtbau BW GmbH represents one of the largest lightweight construction network in the world, comprising over 2,200 companies and more than 290 research institutes. For individual requirements, Leichtbau BW GmbH selects proper institutions and firms and connects suppliers, project partners and research institutions from the field of lightweight construction in Baden-Württemberg.

WEBINAR at Konradin-Verlag: 75% weight reduction through 3D printing and live simulation

Real-time simulation and topology optimization were used to get the most out of 3D printing. In this webinar the participants of S.M.I.L.E. FEM will show how real-time simulation can be used particularly effectively. Webinar about Konradin-Verlag: 11/14/2019, 10 am.

For a customer, the engineering service provider S.M.I.L.E. FEM has completely redesigned a conventional control block. "New" here stands for the consistent adjustment of the component according to its function using the advantages of 3D printing. In the past, this required a long time simulation. Now it can be done in seconds and allows the optimization of concepts in real time. This makes simulation profitable even for smaller projects.

Regarding the control block, flow channels were systematically changed and thus the pressure loss was significantly reduced by real-time simulation with ANSYS Discovery. The entire block could be designed much lighter. With the help of a topology optimization and ANSYS Discovery, the best properties were achieved. The 3D printing resulted in a compact hydraulic control block that is 75% lighter than the original weight.

In the webinar, participants will learn how real-time simulations can be used most effectively.

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ANSYS Distribute Compute Service (DCS) - Webinar

Solving several thousand design points robustly - In this webinar, CADFEM support staff will present the new functionalities of the Distribute Compute Service (DCS), which was released with ANSYS 2019 R3. See how you can benefit in parameter studies and with large quantities of design points.

In many cases, a Workbench project has been difficult when parameter studies with several hundred or thousand design points have to be calculated. ANSYS Distribute Service was introduced to offer users a more robust way to solve such calculation tasks. Now design points can be flexibly updated. For example, it is possible to pause the update or to execute parts of the calculation task on certain computers where a required software is available, e.g. a CAD program.

The webinar will explain the setup and basic operations of the system.


The webinar is aimed at users who are involved in parameter studies and want to solve large quantities of design points.


November 11th, 2019, 10-11 am

Seminar tip: "Process optimization through particle simulation"

You design machines for processing bulk materials and you would like to better understand and optimize running processes? Through simulation you can gain valuable insights, optimize processes and save time:

Beware of falling rocks! - Process optimization by particle simulation with the Discrete Element Method in ROCKY.

In this comprehensive seminar you will get to know the basics of the Discrete Element Method. Learn how to use the product ROCKY and how to evaluate your simulation results in a qualified way. For fast and efficient handling, you will receive an introduction to the operating concept including helpful tips from practice.

The seminar contents at a glance:

  • Particle simulation with spherical particles
  • Introduction to ROCKY and simulation with DEM
  • Material calibration at the experiment
  • Presets for movement
  • Particle simulation with arbitrary particle shapes
  • Consideration of real particle shapes
  • Material treatment processes and particle kinematics
  • Evaluation of mixing and demixing
  • Advanced functions

Date: Thursday/Friday, November 14th+15th,  2019, 9 am - 5 pm
Location: CADFEM GmbH, Schönherrstr. 8, 09113 Chemnitz
Fee: 1,300,- excl. VAT
Instructor: Jan-Philipp Fürstenau

CADFEM PLUS: In order to turn theory into practice, you have the possibility to get a free license for "Rocky DEM" of charge for 3 months after the end of the seminar. Feel free to contact us.

More info + registration

Video review + expert lectures for download – 37th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference

Most of the presentations can now be downloaded from the CADFEM customer portal. In order to thank you and provide a reminder of the conference in the Kongress Palais Kassel, we have summarized the event in a short video for you.


To thank you and as a memory of the 37th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference at the Kongress Palais Kassel, we have summarized the event in a short, 3-minute video for you. And if you couldn't be there yourself, this will give you a brief impression. Have fun watching it.

Watch the video


After the opening plenary session on Wednesday, the participants of the conference could inform themselves about the latest industrial trends and developments in the new technology update sessions. Numerous topics were represented, for example, autonomous driving, digital twin or fastener evaluation.
How customers use ANSYS software could be admired in 11 parallel sessions. The focus of the 18th CADFEM Forum  was Digital Twin. Here, experts and interested parties discussed the various aspects and possible applications. The participants of the Design Thinking Workshop were also able to discuss current issues. The event on Thursday was completed by the final plenary session, which was also moderated by Brigitte Büscher.
The presentations of the 37th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference can be downloaded from the CADFEM customer portal myCADFEM from October 30th, 2019.


A total of 36 companies took part in the large trade exhibition in the Festsaal of the Kongress Palais Kassel. Besides the main sponsors HPE, Open Telecom Cloud and Lenovo many CADFEM partners informed about their products and services around ANSYS. In addition to ANSYS, other direct CADFEM software partners were also present: ESSS (developer of ROCKY DEM for particle simulation) or MDL (developer of motor CAD for the design of electric drives). At the digital exhibitor rally (confgames), exhibitors and conference participant could make contact in an  easy and also playful way.


To kick off the conference on Tuesday evening, CADFEM and ANSYS invited to a Get Together in the exhibition. There, participants had the opportunity to get in touch with exhibitors or to listen to interesting presentations in a relaxed atmosphere. On this evening, the Merle Clasen Quartet provided musical accompaniment.
The big evening event took place on Wednesday in the Renthof Kassel. The location is not only known for its charm and excellent service, but also for its outstanding cuisine. In addition to the culinary refinements, guests were able to the supporting programme.

Those who wanted to learn more about Hercules could listen to the narrative artist Kirsten Stein in the library. DJ Mr Brown created a relaxed atmosphere at the bar and Florian Schlögel played self-composed music on stage in the Brüderkirche. The party band MR JAM played for the dance-lovers until late in the evening.

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Master's programme "Applied Computational Mechanics" - Info evening on November 8th at HAW Landshut

The part-time master's programme "Applied Computational Mechanics" will start for the 15th time in the winter semester of 2019. This programme continues to establish training standards in the field of numerical simulation. Prospective students are invited to visit the next information evening at HAW Landshut on November 8th.

In a short introductory meeting participants get to know the three industrial and university partners: CADFEM esocaet, the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Landshut and the Technical University Ingolstadt. In addition to receive comprehensive information about the contents and organizational aspects of the course, this is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with the current Master's students and for first-hand evaluation in informal discussions.

The information event is also aimed at interested parties with previous knowledge, e.g. from another Master's programme, who require specialist knowledge for their professional activities. The individual modules can be particularily selected according to the appropriate specialist knowledge. On request, it is also possible to attend a lecture in advance.

At a glance:

Information evening on the part-time Master Applied Computational Mechanics (M.Eng.)
Friday, November 8th 2019 from 5pm at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Landshut

Excavator for rough terrain – developed with live simulations

See how Kasier AG and Brand Engineering jointly develop excavator components with live simulation.

The engineering service provider Brand Engineering stands for competence in the design and development of welded assemblies. With ANSYS Discovery Live, Brand Engineering not only obtains valuable information about the components, but can also communicate this conclusively to the customer. For example, Kaiser AG, the manufacturer of the most powerful walking excavators.

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