Simulation is more than Software

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Your contingent for seminars and simulation by order

Knowledge and services on demand

CADFEM Tokens for flexible and simple payment of CADFEM services

Are you keen to make regular use of our seminars, conferences, individual training options or engineering services from the “simulation by order” category, but often don’t know exactly when you’ll need which service? Then simply purchase a contingent of CADFEM Tokens and obtain the desired services with maximum flexibility.

Save time, effort and money

With CADFEM Tokens, the currency for your simulation success

Valuable CAE know-how is available to you quickly and easily on demand with CADFEM Tokens. Simulation is more than software. Our CADFEM Token make it particularly easy to use the services we offer in order to tap the full potential of simulation. Whether it’s a training course at your location or on our CADFEM premises, or simulation by order: optimal expert support and total focus far away from daily business are guaranteed. At our annual CADFEM Ansys Simulation Conference, you’ll gain knowledge first-hand and meet Ansys users from all around Europe.

Simple, flexible, attractive: order once, use whenever
  • Order units: Small = 20 / Medium = 40 +2 / Large = 60 +6
  • Billing upon receipt of the order
  • Validity: 1 year from receipt of the order
  • Minimum order quantity: 20 CADFEM Tokens
  • Travel costs for the CADFEM employee for on-site appointments are generally included.
    Only when an overnight stay or air travel is necessary do we charge a fixed rate of 1 CADFEM Token for travel.
Product Brochure
Michael Steigerwald
Head of Inside Sales, CADFEM GmbH, Grafing

Why you should use CADFEM Tokens

Flexible booking of training courses within the team

Up-to-date knowledge and skills make it easier to use the software and give you valuable ideas for your daily work. With CADFEM training courses on numerous simulation topics, you’ll will always be up to date. Discover our eLearning program as well.


training courses

from the fields of structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics and multiphysics

planning reliability

for your HR department: fixed budget planning with flexible implementation

training centers

at CADFEM locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and online

learning paths

Master a CAE topic from A to Z with seminars and eLearning.

Customized training for your employees

You get the precise employee qualification measures you need: learning objectives, participants, dates and locations are all defined by you. We then create a custom combination of the appropriate learning units from our range of seminars.


topic coverage

The CADFEM instructor will address your individual questions and requirements.

learning units

at your disposal from which to configure your customized seminar.

individual training courses in 2018

With 130 Ansys specialists, we can provide professional training for almost every application and industry.

recommend us

Our customers are highly satisfied with CADFEM individual training courses

Simulation by order

Facing personnel bottlenecks or challenges with new simulation types and techniques? We are happy to assist you as a service provider. Our goal is to help you reach yours. That’s why we help you with your current tasks and give you the skills to complete them independently in the future.

What CADFEM developed as part of the project was absolutely fantastic. By working together, we were able to open up new opportunities for simulation that we’ll really be able to benefit from in the future. From my perspective, the competence of CADFEM GmbH, both in terms of simulations with Ansys and in the scope of its physical understanding, is truly unique.

Matthias Kowalski, Development engineer, Siemens AG, Mülheim

Services and prices

Service CADFEM Token  
1-day seminar 1 CADFEM Token  
1 day of eLearning 1 CADFEM Token  
1 day of consulting 2 CADFEM Token  
1 day of preparation 2 CADFEM Token  
1 day of individual training 4 CADFEM Token  
Any questions about Simulation as a Service and the eCADFEM solutions we offer?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.

On-demand services from CADFEM

Prepaid Software and Hardware contigents for your simulations.
In addition to flexible payment with the CADFEM Token, CADFEM also offers maximum flexibility with software licenses and the requisite hardware. With our on-demand service “eCADFEM,” you can simply book software and hardware on the prepaid principle. Fast, flexible and secure. So, you’re perfectly prepared for your simulation project.