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Designing plain bearings simply and efficiently like tribology experts

Learn how simulation can help you designing hydrodynamic radial plain bearings optimally from the beginning



You would like to tailor your plain bearings as optimally as possible to your application or you have observed running marks in the past and would like to avoid them in the future.

Independent of whether it is a question of

  • the identification of suitable bearing dimensions and materials,
  • the perfect position of the lubrication pockets,
  • a higher bearing load carrying capacity
  • or answering the question "What happens if"

simulation helps to optimally design hydrodynamic radial plain bearings.

In this webinar, we will show you how to design your plain bearings easily and efficiently with Tribo-X inside Ansys, preventing damage with the optimal bearing design.


  • Possibilities for designing hydrodynamic radial plain bearings
  • The tribology experts from Tribo Technologies
  • Importance of bearing geometry for load carrying capacity (EHD)
  • Influence of mixed friction, temperature, rotor dynamics
  • Plain bearing simulation with Tribo-X inside Ansys

Target Group

If you are looking for a detailed design of your plain bearings or even its dynamic influence on the assembly, then this webinar fits perfect to you.


  • Designing plain bearings like the tribology experts
  • Determine bearing stiffnesses and damping for rotor dynamics simulations
  • Identify the best bearing design with the help of a parameter study


Christian Stelzer
Product manager Customization Products, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing
Vincent Hoffmann
Project Engineer, Tribo Technologies GmbH
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