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Discover our Master's Program

As a design engineer, developer and calculation engineer part-time to become a simulation expert with a master's degree! This opportunity is offered by our part-time studies with a perfect mix of theory, practical knowledge and professional exchange with others. CADFEM accompanies you from the application to the successful completion of your studies as a simulation expert.

In the CADFEM Shop you can find out everything about the Master's course, course contents, details & structure, requirements & registration, lecturers from science & practice, our partner universities and FAQs. Feel free to contact us via the shop for an information event, a trial lecture or a personal conversation!

Head of Training Administration
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Structural mechanicsStructural mechanics
Master Simulation Based Engineering

Part-time path to expert status: Continuing education for everyone who wishes to truly understand and efficiently use simulations

Specialist field
Structural mechanics, Acoustics, Multiphysics, Scalability of simulations, Fluid mechanics
Dynamics, Contact, Durability, Linear/Non-linear Simulation, Material models, Optimization
Course type Master’s (part-time)
Degree course
Master’s (part-time), 90 ECTS
Degree course

Next date

Start, duration and further information can be found in the detailed description.
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