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Food Processing safely and efficiently

Forum for food processing industry: Discover the opportunities of numerical simulation for the efficient development of food processing machinery

Friday, April 23, 2021 | 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Technology Forum: Simulation of Food Processing

Numerical simulation enables equipment development and operators to gain detailed insights into food processing operations. Discuss with our experts from industry and research how you can use simulation technologies to optimally design processing and packaging processes and their associated machinery equipment.

online - Presentations and Networking

The simulation professionals from CADFEM invite you to this free virtual dialog event. As guests with excellent industry and technical knowledge of the food industry, we welcome experts from the TU Munich (Chair of Systems Process Engineering) as well as technologists from the software house ESSS.

Why you should participate

Particle Simulation for Equipment Development

  • Exact filling
  • Damage-free handling
  • Uniform product quality

are central challenges for the new and further development of food processing equipment. Whether for bulk materials or individual products, physics-based simulation enables you to analyze processing and packaging processes in detail and identify development potential at an early stage.

Particle Simulation for plant operators

  • Long, fault-free operation
  • Fast retooling
  • Flexible application

is at the top of many plant operators' lists of requirements. Particle simulation helps to identify the right configurations for the equipment in advance and thus to shorten time-consuming retrofitting and development periods.

What awaits you

Learn how to use particle simulation to understand processes such as Conveying, Mixing, Separation, Agglomeration, Packaging  and much more in your equipment. Get a better understanding of your equipment through real-world modeling of food products, whether pasta or potato chips. Discuss how using automated simulation workflows can efficiently realize your processing promises.

  • Expert Talks from Industry and Research
  • Best-Practice Demonstration of Particle Simulation
  • Networking with Participants and Experts

Achieving ideal packaging results with particle simulation

Particle simulation for food processing industry


Friday, April 23, 2021 | 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm

The language of the lecture is English. Discussion and Q&A can be held in German.

2.00 – 2.15Welcome and IntroductionJorge Ferreira, CADFEM
2.15 – 2.45Challenges and objectives in the food & beverage industryDaniel Nasato, TU München
2.45 – 3.00Q&A 
3.00 – 3.30Designing Equipment in Food and Beverage Industry using Rocky DEMLucilla Almeida, ESSS
3.30 – 3.45Q&A 
3.45 – 4.15Integrating Discrete Element Method in the development process: from first steps to design improvementsThomas Köllner, CADFEM
4.15 – 4.30Q&A, SummaryJorge Ferreira, CADFEM


Take advantage of this opportunity and get in touch with the experts during the event. Bring your own ideas and discuss possible development scenarios and tasks with the speakers in a confidential live conversation.


Please click here and fill in the registration form. The event is free-of charge.