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Sophisticated Turbomachinery Design

Tackle all challenges in fan, pump, compressor or turbocharger development.

Take advantage of leading 3D Inverse Design technology with TURBOdesign Suite

TURBOdesign Suite is a unique turbomachinery design software package. Based on 3D Inverse Design technology, it supports engineers significantly to cut design time and cost. TURBOdesign Suite technologies help to create breakthrough designs for all types of turbomachinery components, from fans and blowers to pumps and hydraulic turbines, compressors and high-speed turbines.

  • FansInnovative axial, radial or mixed-flow fan designs

    No matter whether radial, mixed-flow or axial fans are the best choice for a given task - TURBOdesign Suite can help to design best-in-class rotors, stators and volutes.

  • Modules especially tailored for compressors and turbinesCompressors, Turbines, Turbochargers

    TURBOdesign Suite consists also of functionality allowing to design impellers, vaned and vaneless diffusors, return channels and volutes. Achieve optimal blade geometry derived from flow properties fulfilling different requirements.

  • Full Ansys Workbench integrationAnsys CFD coupling

    Simulate Fluid flow as well as structural mechanical problems – vibrations, blade flutter, stress, temperature - or even realize multi-objective optimizations for several operating points or physical disciplines.

  • PumpsPerfect balance between efficiency and tendency to cavitation

    Typical considerations in pump design, like maximal efficiency, NPSH, Cavitation or off-design behavior, can be addressed already in the design phase.

Highlights at a glance

  • Tool bundle for complete turbomachinery development
  • Easy to use for experts as well as non-experts
  • Design of different types of turbomachinery with the help of 3D inverse design
  • Fans, pumps, turbines, compressors, turbochargers
  • Axial-, radial-, mixed flow machines, one- as well as multi-stage
  • Ansys Workbench integration
Dr.-Ing. Barbara Neuhierl
Business Development, CADFEM GmbH, Grafing

Product Description TURBOdesign Suite

The underlying 3D inverse design process allows to parametrize the geometry using only a couple of inputs. Also multi-objective optimizations can be realized, taking into account many operating points or several physical disciplines with moderate effort.  

TURBOdesign Pre

Fast Meanline Design and Analysis

Enables sizing and preliminary design of turbomachinery components in a matter of seconds. Starting from basic design specifications such as flow rate, rpm and pressure ratio/head rise, meridional shapes of the different components like impeller, multi-stage machines, volutes are generated

TURBOdesign1 | TURBOdesign Optima

Innovative Blade Design and Optimization

An innovative 3D inverse method for aerodynamic and hydrodynamic turbomachinery design computes complete blade geometry based on blade loading, thus directly including the physics of flow. The integrated optimization tool allows to efficiently explore multi-factorial design spaces, enabling designs with significant performance not only in one single duty point but across the entire operating range.

TURBOdesign Link WB | CAD/3DLab

CAE Integration and Streamlined workflows

TURBOdesign Suite’s compatibility with Ansys Workbench makes it an ideal addition to the development process, enabling even extremely complex investigations like FSI or multi-objective optimization.

TURBOdesign Volute

Complex Geometry Design

Generate volutes of pumps, fans and compressors, with the help of TD Volute. You can choose between different standard and arbitrary cross-section shapes and will be able to design a component behaving efficiently in duty point and off-design conditions.

Practical Application Examples

Numerical simulation can contribute significantly to efficient pump design. The advantages are obvious: high efficiency or NPSH (net positive suction head), less physical prototypes, shorter development cycles as well as higher reliability. Both articles give insight into theory and practical application of modern pump design.

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