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Reduce noise pollution!

Efficiently predict noise from electric motors with Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys

Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys – develop low-noise electric drives

Vibration and noise define electric drives as much as performance characteristics and service life. Now more than ever, the low-noise drive is a comfort factor that customers both appreciate and demand. With Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys, you can simulate the structure-borne noise level at the drive and depict it across various speed ranges in a waterfall diagram.

  • ClearVisualization of acoustic properties with Electric Drive Acoustics

    The structure-borne noise level for the speed range of electric drives is depicted in a waterfall or Campbell diagram

  • Airborne noise analysisSound fields visualize the sound pressure level
  • Housing resonanceExpansion of housing vibration
  • Acoustic radiationEfficiently predict the noise levels of electric motors

    Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys was developed specially for simulating electric motor noise and calculates the structure-borne noise level from the surface vibration of the housing.


  • Predict the noise level of an electric motor as early in the development phase
  • Electromagnetic simulation of the noise level within variable speed ranges and depiction in a waterfall diagram
  • Identification of critical operating points and housing resonances from the waterfall diagram
  • Use of time-efficient methods in vibration and ERP calculation
  • Flexible, text-based import interface for magnetic excitation forces
Dr. Paul Lethbridge
Business Development Manager, CADFEM UK Ltd

Product Description

Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys in Detail

Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys – Optimize and modulate the motor acoustics and noise pollution of electric motors.

Magnetic air gap forces influence the acoustic radiation of electric motors. Using FEM-based simulation, accurate predictions can be made about smoothness, vibration and noise development as early in the development phase. Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys provides you with a tool to assist you with noise reduction and optimization of electric motors – perfectly integrated in Ansys Workbench

Product Highlights
  • Prediction of structure-borne noise (equivalent radiated power - ERP) during the development of motors and drive units
  • Support for the user in importing and distribution of the dynamic excitation forces from the electromagnetic simulation
  • Fourier transformation of the magnetic air gap excitations into the frequency domain
  • Automatic calculation in the speed range
  • Modal-based harmonic analysis
  • Depiction of calculation results on a spectrum and waterfall diagram.

Webinars for Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys

The CADFEM Ansys extension “Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys” enables you to calculate the structure-borne sound power at the housing of an electric motor in a given speed range and depict it in a waterfall diagram. In the webinar, we provide an overview of the underlying procedures and the approach.

Seminars related to Electric Drive Acoustics inside Ansys

This seminar is aimed at development engineers who focus on electromagnetics and/or structural mechanics, are involved in designing electric motors and want to make noise predictions and introduce appropriate countermeasures as early in the design phase.

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