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Design and validation of thermal engineering systems with
VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys

VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys – the standard reference work for heat transfer tasks

Design and validation of cooling systems, thermal engineering plants and apparatus, or determination of convective boundary conditions for investigating thermal influences: VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys allows fast and convenient determination of all the necessary parameters for the efficient protection of system properties.

  • VDI Heat Atlas as eBookUpdated to the latest edition 2019

    Standard reference work and important tool for every engineer dealing with heat transfer issues.

    Detailed knowledge
  • Chemical reactorThermal load and calculation of temperature distribution
    View use case
  • AutomotivePaint drying of vehicle bodies
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  • Bidirectional data exchangeData transfer via the Ansys Workbench Parameter Editor

    The CADFEM extension is coupled via the Ansys Parameter Editor, i.e. parameters from the VDI Heat Atlas can be transferred into Ansys and vice versa.

    View GUI illustration of VDI Heat Atlas in Ansys Workbench

Highlights at a glance

  • Full integration of the LV calculation software for the VDI Heat Atlas in Ansys Workbench
  • Traceability of calculation operations through transparent presentation of the calculation formulas with current values
  • Fast variant analysis through bidirectional parameter exchange between Ansys Workbench and VDI Heat Atlas
  • Plausibility check and unit conversion of the linked parameters
  • From design to validation - a comprehensive work process
  • Updated to the latest edition 2019
  • eBook for the VDI Heat Atlas included
  • Compared to flow simulation, extremely fast estimation of convective boundary conditions by taking into account the overall effect
Dr. Paul Lethbridge
Business Development Manager, CADFEM UK Ltd

Product Description

VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys in Detail

VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys – Compendium and tool for thermal process engineering

Full integration of the VDI Heat Atlas into the design and simulation environment of Ansys Workbench lets you execute thermal and fluid dynamics tasks such as those that regularly occur in, for example, process engineering for the chemical industry, the gas and pressure vessel industry, automotive engineering and the energy industry.

Highlights at a glance
  • Analytical calculation of flow conditions, including pressure losses
  • Determination of emissivities of radiating surfaces for temperature analyses
  • Calculation of the thermal conductivity of functional layers
  • Determination of convective boundary conditions for free and forced convection
  • Increased productivity, consistent data and the avoidance of input errors
  • Larger materials database

HIGHLIGHTS - VDI Wärmeatlas inside Ansys

  • Support of Ansys 2021R2

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