Simulation is more than Software

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Support for Students and Scientiests

Your final thesis lays the groundwork for your professional life. CADFEM advisory services help you set off on the right path.

Simulation in your Master Thesis or doctoral Dissertation

The more efficiently you use simulation, the more comprehensive your results will be, or the faster you’ll be done with the work. At the beginning of your work, we recommend a technical consultation with a simulation expert. Upon completion, you can present your results to a wide audience of experts in CADFEM print media or at conferences.

Feasability check for a good start

Good planning at the beginning of a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation lays the foundation for successful work without undue stress. At this point, however, it is common to have little to no simulation experience with Ansys products in the direct context of the work. CADFEM therefore offers an expert consultation for orientation.

The analysis plan is your key to success

The analysis plan serves as a synopsis of your scientific work from the outset. In it, you structure your project objectives and name all known requirements that are necessary to complete the task. In the course of the work, you add assumptions for modeling, problem-solving processes and validation measures.

To grasp some first ideas you may also visit the CADFEM youtube Channel or search the CADFEM Reference Projects database. 

Online consultation gives you certainty

In conversation with an experienced CADFEM simulation engineer, we can do the following for your simulation project:

  • Confirm the feasibility of your work
  • Check your time estimate
  • Check the selected method
  • Recommend other suitable software
  • Discuss your analysis plan
  • Provide tips for modeling
  • Recommend suitable seminars, conferences and tutorials

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Frequently asked questions about consultation for master's thesis and doctoral dissertation

Below you will find relevant information and assistance that is frequently requested. Do you have any further questions, suggestions or requests? Then feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between a consultation and support?

CADFEM Support supports all customers who are looking for certain program functions or need to clarify unexpected behavior or results. In a consultation, you get an additional opinion from us concerning a planned simulation with regard to feasibility, product selection, cost estimates or seminar selection before the beginning of your academic work.

How can I get an Ansys license for my bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis?

For use of the license, you need to talk to the university or company in which the work will be conducted. The required workstation will be provided to you there. To procure a temporary extension, universities and companies can contact CADFEM at any time. Please note that academic works whose topic is subject to confidentiality requirements – generally indicated through a confidentiality clause in the work – require a commercial license. We are happy to clarify this point in the consultation.

The number of nodes permitted in my Ansys Student Version is not sufficient for the work. How can I get a version without restrictions?

Ansys Student and Ansys Teaching licenses are limited and not suitable for your thesis. Depending on the nature of the work, you may need a research or commercial license. In some cases, settings in the Ansys Client Licensing and User License Preferences may need to be changed. Please contact your local Ansys Support Coordinator or your CADFEM Academic Team.

Need Ansys skills or special knowledge for your academic work?

You can attend all CADFEM seminars at attractive academic prices.

Additional offerings

Are you interested in understanding simulation even better and making it your professional content? Or are you looking for well-trained junior staff for your development department? Here you will find suitable offers. 

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.