Simulation is more than Software

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Systematic training

Well-considered learning concepts and structured pathways through the comprehensive range of CADFEM training help you move closer to learning success.

CADFEM learning pathways – your direct route to your destination

CADFEM learning pathways give simulation newcomers and experienced FEM and CFD users appropriate training concepts for achieving their individual learning goals. For HR managers, they are a valuable planning aid for systematically building precision simulation concepts within the company.

Plan professional development easily

Which seminars are most appropriate for my professional tasks?
What’s the quickest way to integrate new employees?
CADFEM learning pathways sketch out training paths for the most common engineering simulation topics.

Learning pathways Fluid Dynamics

With Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), you will learn more about the behavior of gases or fluids. CADFEM learning pathways combine basic, intermediate, and expert seminars with appropriate master’s modules and university certificates for an optimal blend of application, engineering knowledge, numerical know-how, and analytical capabilities.

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simulation courses

are available for professional development

If you’re a newcomer in Ansys software or engineering simulation in general, we recommend starting at basic level so far. If you have an advanced knowledge of Ansys, then choose from a wide range of courses at the intermediate or expert level. For long-term consolidation and development of physical principles, numerical know-how, and analytical capabilities, we offer master’s modules, certificates, and part-time study programs in the CADFEM qualification program, alongside our other seminars and eLearning courses.

Training and Support Manager

What CADFEM customers are saying

Peter Schack

Keep doing what you’re doing. The range of training is huge, and it should stay that way.

Michael Vorndran
SAS Ingenieurbüro AG

I’m now not only a software user, but I finally also understand the processes running in the background. In my projects, I constantly rely on the knowledge that I’ve acquired so that I can write my own tools for enhanced evaluation of results or for my own computations.

 Patrick Senger<br />Senior Engineer, Crash & Multiphysics, KTM Technologies GmbH
Patrick Senger
Senior Engineer, Crash & Multiphysics, KTM Technologies GmbH

CADFEM Learning on Demand - this is the joy of learning through a series of lectures at the highest technical and media level that can be called up individually at any time and at any location.

Course Overview

Basic, advanced, or expert knowledge?

Every CADFEM seminar, elearning course, and degree program tells you at a glance what you can expect.

Not found the right learning pathway yet?

The CADFEM Professional Development team will configure an individual qualification plan for your needs from more than 100 seminars, online training courses, and certified university courses.

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.