Simulation is more than Software

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Simple planning of further training: Simulation of thermal impacts

The quick overview of CADFEM's training courses for temperature fields, losses and heat transfer: How to achieve the desired learning objectives.

CADFEM learning paths for Thermal Simulation

CADFEM learning paths show simulation beginners and experienced CFD users suitable training concepts to achieve their individual learning goals. For personnel managers, they are a valuable planning aid for the systematic development of precisely tailored simulation competence in the company.

Learning pathways for thermal analysis with Ansys

Is the impact of temperature important to your products and processes? You can learn more about consideration of thermal effects in FEM, CFD, or coupled simulations in appropriate basic, intermediate, and expert training courses from CADFEM, as well as master’s modules, university certificates, or a master’s course.

Basic, Advanced or Expert?

CADFEM training courses tell you at first glance what you can expect

In basic courses you start with simple but impactful simulations. You will become familiar with important common software functions and learn how to use analyzes effectively for your product development.

You have run your first simulations and want to learn more? Advanced level trainings are just right for you to quickly and efficiently bring your knowledge to a robust application standard.

The right expert for every task: CADFEM training at expert level combines high-end simulation knowledge with in-depth engineering know-how for almost any task from your daily business.

The easy way to plan Professional Development

CADFEM learning paths show you training plans for the most common engineering topics. Together with you we will find answers to further questions.

  • Which courses are best suited for your professional tasks?
  • What is the fastest way to integrate new employees?

Let's talk about your personal challenges and how we can support you in achieving your individual goals.

Learning paths on other simulation topics

CADFEM learning paths are available to suit your tasks: whether FE analyses for structural-mechanical and electromagnetic issues, CFD calculations in fluid mechanics or multiphysics calculations - from over 30 years of experience we have compiled common training recommendations for typical engineering areas.

Not found the right learning pathway yet?

The CADFEM Professional Development team will configure an individual qualification plan for your needs from more than 100 seminars, online training courses, and certified university courses.