Simulation is more than Software

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Creo – Explore - Analyze

Live simulation with proven Ansys technology - directly in Creo


The integration of Ansys technology in PTC Creo offers a wide range from live to high-end simulation in the familiar environment for Creo users. CADFEM simulation expertise ensures the best possible return on investment of the simulation throughout the entire development process. This is how the simulation that accompanies the design process becomes the design integrated simulation.

  • Physics Driven DesignLive simulation - the new standard!

    With Creo Simulation Live, ideas can be iterated and optimized in the early stages of the design process at unprecedented speed. Let physics guide you to the optimal product - in seconds.

  • Creo – Explore - AnalyzeSeamless interaction from concept to validation

    Secure designs with Creo Ansys Simulation and the reliable ANSYS Mechanical Solver. Seamless interacting and standardized methods for product development and simulation.

  • Leading simulation technologyGold standard of simulation in the familiar PTC Creo environment

    Benefit from over 50 years of technology leadership in product simulation in the familiar Creo environment. Ensure product development quality and employee's productivity by using Ansys' recognized and proven technology.

  • Matter of trustCADFEM expertise now also for PTC customers

    Making valid decisions with the support of the simulation expertise of more than 300 engineers. Together with CADFEM, successfully establish simulation along the development process.


Benefit from our decades of simulation expertise and contact the CADFEM expert-team or join our training offers.

How do I successfully establish simulation in my development process?

  • CAD Integrated Live Simulation: Do not worry about software tools but concentrate on your product development
  • Speed: Live simulation provides you with ad hoc results. A distinction between design and simulation is no longer necessary
  • Confidence in Technology: With access to Ansys technology you can rely on the results
  • Access to proven simulation know-how: The CADFEM simulation knowledge enables you for the fastest possible simulation success
  • The experience of simulation-based product development: Rely on CADFEM's years of expertise for process implementation and sustainable success
 Stephan Ellenrieder<br />Senior Vice President Central Europe & GM Germany, Parametric Technology GmbH
Stephan Ellenrieder
Senior Vice President Central Europe & GM Germany, Parametric Technology GmbH

What CADFEM offers in the field of simulation for user consultation and knowledge transfer is unique. We are pleased that CADFEM's in-depth expertise is also available to PTC Creo users with this new partnership. Our customers can thus ensure that they receive the return on investment they expect from simulation in product development.

Armin Wendler
Group Leader Technical Changes, Endress+Hauser SE+Co. KG

Not using Creo Simulation Live is very unproductive. The way in which it is tightly integrated with PTC Creo greatly enhances the user experience. Simulation should not be an end in itself, rather it should be a tool to help build better products. This is what Creo Simulation Live helps to achieve.


Creo – Explore – Analyze – Simulation during the entire product development process


Creo Simulation live blurs the boundaries between design and simulation. The live simulation technology from Ansys integrated into the PTC Creo environment enables simulation directly during the component design.

Product Highlights

Develop ideas and simulate them simultaneously

  • Experiment in real-time simulation with Ansys technology
  • Simultaneous modification and simulation of assemblies within PTC Creo Parametric
  • Available for tasks in structural mechanics, heat conduction, modal analysis
  • CFD fluid simulation with Creo Simulation Live Plus

Creo integrated user guidance

  • Direct access to simulation in the familiar Creo environment
  • Physics-based user guidance for optimal construction experience

Consistent processes

  • Seamless interaction with Creo and Creo Simulation Live
  • Integrative collaboration of design and calculation

Live simulation with PTC Creo revolutionizes the development process compared to conventional simulation solutions


Creo Ansys Simulation integrates the classic ANSYS solver technology from ANSYS Mechanical into the Creo environment. This ensures reliable results for engineers and enables a direct exchange with simulation experts.

Product Highlights

Quantify results and validate designs

  • Proven ANSYS Mechanical meshing and solver technology
  • Controllable accuracy with automatic and manual meshing
  • Realistic assembly modeling with contact elements
  • Powerful modeling with advanced simulation capabilities

Creo integrated user guidance

  • Direct access to simulation in the familiar Creo environment
  • Integrated work process for high-end analyses

Consistent processes

  • Seamless interaction with Creo and Creo ANSYS Simulation
  • Integrative collaboration of design and calculation

Creo Ansys Simulation seamlessly integrates the power of Ansys, the leader in engineering simulation, directly into Creo.

Creo Simulation Live and Creo Ansys Simulation in Practice

Using a tractor axle assembly, see the variation of different designs with Creo Simulation Live and the validation of strength with Creo ANSYS Simulation. Consistency within the Creo environment enables a load-balanced design and the assurance of functionality (in German).

Test PTC Creo Simulation Live right now for free

Test PTC Creo Simulation Live in the CADFEM Cloud installed for you


Democratization with Live Simulation: See how Krones and Endress&Hauser adapt their simulation strategy, organization and processes to live simulation (in German).

Understanding physics – designing better

The newly published book "Physik begreifen - besser konstruieren" contains eight recipes for better designing, thanks to Physics-Driven-Design. These are not simply design rules.

The recipes are based on years of experience in the design office and on an explainable physics background. Why does it work better to make a design tension-dominant instead of bend-dominant? How do you best distribute the stiffness in order to obtain an optimal flow of forces? What happens at points where you redirect a flow and how can you control this with the least loss?

This book is a joint project of (calculation) experts from the engineering office, Brand Engineering GmbH and CADFEM.

Your book presentation has encouraged us to use the software Discovery in the context of the lecture Fluid Mechanics, which is being redesigned. After all, we see the potential in it to make the physical basics comprehensible to the students in a clear and sustainable way.

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Bongert, FH Dortmund, FB Maschinenbau

Book review

Introductory presentation (German)

See what experiences OSRAM and Rohde & Schwarz have with live simulation (German)

Live simulation in teaching - the last obstacle has been overcome (German)

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.