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We are here to Support and help you stay Productive during this Pandemic

COVID-19: Things to know from CADFEM

CADFEM: Work from Home Programs for Customers

For the last 50 years, CADFEM has focused on making our customers around the world develop the most amazing products. We are facing the toughest phase of business due of the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic once again.

The following information will give you an insight into CADFEM India and CADFEM SEA services during this pandemic situation.

Many of our customers once again are opting for work from home. This certainly has it's pros and cons but we understand the importance of your R&D Initiatives driving your success even through these dire times. CADFEM will stand by you as you work to develop your products, despite your office being in either a development center or a designer’s apartment.

CADFEM has planned to offer support in the form of Work from home Programs during these tough times to keep you remain productive:

  • Free Limited access to the ANSYS Learning Hub* (Online Ansys university with an array of learning material and training options) upon TECS Renewal
  • Free Limited access to ANSYS Cloud* (Hardware on Demand)
  • Virtual Platform for all Meetings.
  • Virtual Sessions on specific topics to keep you Engaged and Enhance productivity.
  • Few Select Trial License* for new Technology.
  • we are just a Phone call away.

Please Note:
*The above is subject to the approval of the respective Sales Account Managers / Technical Account mangers at CADFEM and ANSYS.

CADFEM Team will be always available for your questions. Schedule a call with our Technical Experts / Account Manager for more information on remote software access, or expanded cloud computing capacity, or on-demand training.

We have you all covered. 

CADFEM Team wishes you all the best for the coming weeks. Stay Safe!

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