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Auditable boltwork!

Bolt calculation and verification according to VDI 2230 with Bolt Assessment inside Ansys

Bolt Assessment inside Ansys – reliable calculations for all bolts

Bolts connect components and must reliably withstand their loads. Usually for a long time and with changing loads. Bolt Assessment inside Ansys evaluates all load cases and finds critical loads in the bolted connections. Calculation and verification are performed automatically, quickly and conveniently in accordance with VDI 2230.

Highlights at a glance

  • Automated verification for bolts according to VDI 2230
  • Determination of safety factors for static and dynamic strength verification as well as against sliding and exceeding the surface pressure
  • Automatic determination of critical load case combinations and load cases
  • Visualization of the critical bolts for all safety factors
  • Integrated access to the KISSsoft bolt library
  • Automatic generation of a test report for every bolt
  • Automatic calculations of bolts according to model class II (beam elements) and model class III (solids)
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Application Engineer, CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd.

Product Description

 Bolt Assessment inside Ansys in Detail

Reliable boltwork and automated bolt evaluation according to VDI 2230

Stable connections determine the quality and reliability of structures and components. Bolts are crucial for safety and durability in different load case combinations. Bolt Assessment inside Ansys provides you with the optimal tool for simulating and testing your bolted connections – perfectly integrated into Ansys Workbench.

Product Highlights
  • Automatic bolt calculations
  • Fast determination of critical bolt connections
  • Evaluation of static and dynamic strength according to VDI 2230 
  • High level of automation for efficient and reliable evaluation of a large number of bolts, even in complex assemblies
  • Automatic generation of KISSsoft reports, saved ready for printing – for every bolt

HIGHLIGHTS - Bolt Assessment inside Ansys

  • 10x faster evaluation of the screw results
  • new dropdown buttons in Mechanical, which simplifies the insertion of certain safety factors.
  • Model class 2 (Beams): Screws consisting of several joined line bodies can be used, even if the line bodies have different directions

Please also check info on update webinars at the product site.

  • Migration to the new KISSsoft version (2019)
  • Bolt verification now also for model class II: The screw is modelled as a line body. Compared to the modeling as solid body (model class III) the number of elements in the calculation is reduced. Especially for models with many screws the calculation time can be reduced considerably. (Note: This function is subject to a surcharge when upgrading from version 2019)
  • Simplification of licensing through central license management

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Webinars for Bolt assessment inside Ansys

Bolt verifications are complex in practice and often lead to issues during implementation. Using the CADFEM software module Bolt Assessment inside Ansys, we show you how to model bolts and make the necessary inputs to evaluate them in compliance with VDI 2230.

Seminars related to Bolt Assessment inside Ansys

The seminar for development engineers, design engineers and simulation engineers who are responsible for the strength of bolted connections, who would like to use the internationally recognized standard VDI 2230 for strength verification and who would like to be able to enjoy the benefits of the finite element method.


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