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Spotlight on fluids: Computational Fluid Dynamics as a basis for trend-setting design decisions

Recording and follow up info of the Simulation Conference 2021 event from
Thursday, May 06

CFD in Product Development: Controlling Flow and Optimizing Efficiency

Recording of the Simulation Conference 2021 on Thursday, Mai 6 (conference language was German)

Content of the event webcast

“Continuity in Change”. Whenever products and applications become more complex, or more electronics need to be integrated, or energy needs to be used more efficiency, new demands are added to the development process – and unless your decisions are based on known facts, the only way an improved generation of products could ever emerge from this situation would be on the basis of extensive experience gained with an existing design. 

The lectures were held in the language of the lecture title.

02.00Welcome & Introduction
02.10Wärmeübergang von Prallstrahlen - Qualitätsgesicherte CFD-Simulationen
Georg Scheuerer (ISIMQ)
02.40Die Rolle der Turbulenzmodellierung in der Strömungssimulation
Florian Menter (ANSYS)
03.10Von der Schönheit der Strömungssimulation - Einblicke und Beispiele
Barbara Neuhierl & Matthias Voß (CADFEM)
03.50Introducing Simulation Driven Development
Christian Brix Jacobsen (GRUNDFOS)
04.20Verbrennung: Forschung und Implementierung
Prof. Andreas Kempf (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
04.45Conclusion & Outlook

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