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Ansys Discovery: Standard in Simulation

Ansys Discovery is the new standard for product development. By using a single tool, all parties involved in the development process can quickly design, experiment and validate ideas with high accuracy. Existing limits vanish. The efficiency in product development improves radically.

Ansys Discovery – the All-in-One Tool

Sketch out ideas, simulate them and generate precise validation all in one tool supported by an intuitive user guidance.


  • Simplify
  • Parameterization
  • Direct modeling for fast design iterations


  • Understand designs quickly
  • Interactive live simulation
  • Trendfinder


  • Validate designs with higher reliability
  • Mesh refinement to resolve critical areas


The following videos will give you an insight into the new concept of MODEL-EXPLORE-ANALYZE with Ansys Discovery.

29:41 minExperience the new Ansys Discovery: MODEL - EXPLORE - ANALYZE

Lucas Ziegler: "Ansys Discovery: Next step in simulation driven design at Argo Hytos" presented at the Ansys Simulation World 2021
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Here you will gain an insight into the world of simulation and an introduction to the new concept of product development using Ansys Discovery.

Ansys Discovery success stories

See what companies in development and design have accomplished with Ansys Discovery.

 Stefan Macho Head of R&D Simulation, HAWE Hydraulik SE
Stefan Macho
Head of R&D Simulation, HAWE Hydraulik SE

Ansys Discovery equips our team with a much better understanding of the physics behind our products very early in the design process, enabling them to meet customer requirements more precisely, avoid overengineering and eliminate uncertainties. This has resulted in improved product performance, increased design efficiency and shortened product development cycles.

Valentin Pichlmaier
Development Engineer

Discovery helps to find the right geometry quickly – and, incidentally, right at the beginning of an idea …

 Tobias Waßmer Mechanical Simulation Engineer, BRUSA Elektronik AG
Tobias Waßmer
Mechanical Simulation Engineer, BRUSA Elektronik AG

Ansys Discovery allows us to test new ideas in the concept phase and estimate their impact. The high calculation speed also allows the software to be used during discussions and meetings. The development process can be accelerated by days to weeks as a result.

Understanding physics – designing better

We would like to give an introduction to the book "Physik begreifen - besser konstruieren", which contains eight recipes for better designing, thanks to Physics-Driven-Design. These are not simply design rules.

Your book presentation has encouraged us to use the software Discovery in the context of the lecture Fluid Mechanics, which is being redesigned. After all, we see the potential in it to make the physical basics comprehensible to the students in a clear and sustainable way.

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Bongert, FH Dortmund, FB Maschinenbau
17:36 minUnderstanding physics – designing better (German)

The recipes are based on years of experience in the design office and on an explainable physics background. Why does it work better to make a design tension-dominant instead of bend-dominant? How do you best distribute the stiffness in order to obtain an optimal flow of forces? What happens at points where you redirect a flow and how can you control this with the least loss?

This book is a joint project of (calculation) experts from the engineering office, Brand Engineering GmbH and CADFEM.

The right solution for you

Why CADFEM is the right partner for you.

For more than 35 years, we have been designing and supporting the introduction of simulation for our customers - from engineering firms to large corporations. We use this wide-ranging experience to make your introduction to simulation a success. The acquisition of the software is only the beginning. As your partner, we accompany you step by step - with intensive technical support and strategic consulting that secures your goals in the long term.

For more information please contact us.

Anja Höller
Sales, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing


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