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Spotlight on infrastructure and processes: making elegant, sustainable and efficient use of existing resources

Recording and follow up info of the Simulation Conference 2021 event from
Thursday, July 22, 2021 (Conference language was English)

Simulation Platform - Shaping Processes and Workflows, Scaling Resources and Know-how

Recording of the Simulation Conference 2021 on Thursday, July 22, 2021 (conference language: English)

Content of the event webcast

Many customers use simulation as a strategic tool in product development. This is accompanied by an increasing need for efficient, controlled simulation processes and workflows that are scalable across different departments and locations. Collaboration, simulation data management, indexing, versioning, search and traceability are essential for this. Furthermore, a wide variety of CAE tools are in use and have to be harmonized with each other - very often combined with individual adaptations to increase performance.

The lectures were held in the language of the lecture title.

2.00Welcome & Introduction
2.15How to get started with Simulation Process and Data Management
Mark Norris (theSDMconsultancy)
3.05Realize the Journey towards a Simulation Strategy with Ansys Platform Solutions
Matthias Hörmann (CADFEM)
3.50Automation in Simulation - the quick Way to optimal Product Design
Maximilian Braun (Krones)
4.10Democratization of complex Automotive Electronics Development Workflows
Friederike Loerke (Bosch)
4.30Tackling the interoperability challenges of Simulation Data Management and PLM-Tools
Dirk Spindler (Interim Manager & Consultant R&D)
4.50Conclusion & Outlook

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