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7 plus 1 reasons why you should simulate live

Quality-oriented product development at the highest level

Success factors for the use of live simulation in construction

The use of simulation in the product development process creates competitive advantages in the value creation process of companies: shorter development times, lower material usage with the same or higher quality as well as higher innovative power. These advantages are multiplied when simulation is already integrated in the design stage. Live simulation is a key to success.

CADFEM Whitepaper as free PDF download

The CADFEM whitepaper ‘7 plus 1 reasons why you should simulate live’ presents the key benefits of simulation for design and development practice. The method of getting feedback on the expected behavior of a product within seconds using live simulation is almost revolutionary. In seven sections, this whitepaper formulates a number of decision-making principles. These help you to get a fact-oriented picture of the use and benefits of live simulation. Additionally, the CADFEM checklist of success factors for sustainable implementation of simulation in the design process - and beyond.

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