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Evaluation and creation of bolts according to Eurocode 3

EDRMedeso's Bolt Toolkit enables standard and user-defined bolt geometries with optimized mesh and contact definitions.

Bolt Toolkit for the evaluation of riveted and bolted joints according to Eurocode 3

From the creation of the bolt geometry to the definition of the prestresses, automatisms help you to build up the model cleanly. The bolt loads are summarized in a fully automated report and evaluated according to Eurocode 3.

Bolt Toolkit - Bolt evaluation according to Eurocode 3

Efficient modeling and evaluation of rivets and bolts according to Eurocode 3

Product Highlights

Work faster, more accurately and more efficiently with confidence - whether creating bolts, bolt preloads or more detailed models with threaded contacts: EDRMedeso's Bolt Toolkit is the perfect tool for modeling, simulating and inspecting bolted and riveted connections - integrated into Ansys Mechanical in a user-friendly way.

  • Ease of use in creating and evaluating hundreds of bolts within minutes.
  • Automated creation of standard or user-defined bolt geometries
  • Evaluation of riveted and bolted joints according to Eurocode 3
  • Automatically generated bolt report
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