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We are here for you – consulting

You can rely on our expert team for your simulations

Consulting for quick assistance and usable solutions

At some point, everyone reaches their limits. The field of simulation types and techniques is broad. Our goal is to help you. That’s why we provide support for your current tasks and give you the skills to complete them independently in the future.

Innovative and competitive

Product optimizations, innovations, new business models, customer-specific adaptations, outstanding designs and complementary service offerings - our experts will support you.

Overcome bottlenecks and improve

But hurry

The reasons behind bottlenecks in development are manifold, ranging from time pressure and manpower shortages to new topics that require fresh knowledge. Whatever the reason, it needs a quick and viable solution. But does grasping at the very first idea that comes along actually help?

Partnership counts

CADFEM is more than just a provider of simulation services. We see simulation holistically and as a strategic element in the application of our customers. We make no secret of our calculations– quite the opposite in fact – we include you in our approach and give you full access to all our data, findings and potential solutions.

Experience brings security

With a company history stretching back 30 years, we are one of the most experienced providers of simulation services. We have a strong global partner network and are one of the largest partners of Ansys, indisputably one of the top computation programs for physical simulations of all kinds.

At home in every industry

We support our clients irrespective of:

  • The industry in which they operate;
  • The prior knowledge that they possess;
  • The CAD system that they use; and
  • The simulation program that they have previously used.

We professionally support you to quickly complete your upcoming tasks.

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since being established in 1985
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What CADFEM customers are saying

Matthias Kowalski
Development engineer, Siemens AG

What CADFEM developed as part of the project was absolutely fantastic. By working together, we were able to open up new opportunities for simulation that we’ll really be able to benefit from in the future. From my perspective, the competence of CADFEM GmbH, both in terms of simulations with ANSYS and in the scope of its physical understanding, is truly unique.

Dipl.-Phys. Richard Birkner
Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG

We aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the behavior of our plasma lamps in operation using FE analysis. We reached that goal immediately after evaluating the simulations carried out by CADFEM. We can recommend CADFEM in any case: The prompt acceptance of the simulation project, the excellent specialist knowledge and the flexible processing of the project convinced us.

Martin Schabasser
Head of Design and Structural Mechanics, Group Division Hydro, Voith Hydro GmbH & Co KG

With CADFEM, the implementation of the development project was uncomplicated and worked excellently. All of our specifications were fulfilled within a good price/performance offer. We are now able to efficiently complete our simulation tasks with a powerful tailor-made tool.

Gwyddyon Fénies
F&E Manager, Fours Industriels BMI

We wanted to verify our hypotheses about the source of the cast iron connection. The CADFEM engineer was really interested in and technically involved into our issue. He resolved it very fast, where others would have taken more time. This case allowed me to show internally the interest of digital simulation.

Markus Meingast
Head of Engineering Services, CADFEM Germany GmbH, Grafing
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