Simulation is more than Software

The innovation accelerator

With live simulation, design ideas are tested, understood and communicated in the blink of an eye. This saves time and opens horizons.

Simulation in real time: Just like that!

Simulation accelerates product development processes. A new generation of simulation tools has dramatically expanded the user group. So far, in fact, that today every developer can peer into a product, digitally experiment and reliably make the right decision for the next design step using live simulation. That’s innovation without any detours.

What if ...? Simulation provides answers.

Advantage simulation

The advantages of simulation in development and design are undisputed. “If a product development process has to be faster, more cost-effective and a more innovative, simulation is unquestionably the method of choice. And if one wants to test the limits of what is technically feasible, simulation is absolutely indispensable.” (Prof. Sandro Wartzack, Faculty of Engineering, University of Erlangen) Companies put their products under a magnifying glass in a digital sense

  • and thereby remarkably shorten their development cycles, 
  • reducing costs and 
  • get to know their product right down to the minutest detail.

And they also increase sales and profits, because they serve market demands faster and more effectively. Alternatives like the proverbial gut-feeling or endless series of trials with physical prototypes are hardly viable approaches nowadays. 

Live simulation is digitalization

The potential of simulation has not been fully exploited – if rethought. Conducted by specialists, simulation remains an integral part of the development chain. Additionally, in an automated and extremely fast version – and this is where the leap in efficiency comes from – simulation is also a digital tool that provides real-time answers to design questions and runs through the entire development process from the initial sketch to market launch of the product. 

  • Cheap to acquire, 
  • self-explanatory to use, 
  • clear in its conclusions and 
  • handy for everyone who needs quick and reliable feedback for product development. 

In sum: useful digitalization in its purest form.

Democratization of simulation

Reasons for using live simulations are multiple and diversified:

  • The immediate evaluation of the feasibility of an idea in pre-development
  • The objective comparison of different concepts by the designer
  • Live simulations also simplify the presentation of design variations within the team or to the client as well

In short: When everyone who can benefit from it can simulate, the agility, flexibility and innovative expertise of a company would rise inexorably. Process are shortened without loss of quality, wait times are minimized, lateral thinking is fostered and innovative approaches are put into action without leaving them on the shelf to just gather dust.

Product Area Manager

Benefits of using real-time simulation

According to the VDMA Study.



instead of 3 weeks for 6 iterations (CE-SYS)

more affordably

developed as before (CE-SYS)


until the result

10 variations tested in 10 minutes.

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