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Virtual working with light - efficient, detailed and true-to-life

The holistic view of light solutions - with Ansys SPEOS.

The modern light simulation. Interactivity - Automation - Multiphysics

In times of exceptionally short product development cycles, constantly rising product requirements and considerable cost pressure, the influence of optical simulations on light solutions is constantly increasing. In the workflow of so-called virtual prototyping, such simulations are used by means of specialised software to replace real prototypes with their digital counterparts.

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In the CADFEM article series ‘The modern light simulation’ the main elements of modern light simulation are explained in detail. The technical articles were published in the magazine LICHT (issues 6-8/ 2020) and are now available for download as a CADFEM special print in a digital booklet as a pdf file.  Together, the interactivity, the tools of automation and the multiphysics approach form an important development of the simulation-based method of virtual prototyping. That is why working virtually with light has now become more efficient, more detailed and more realistic than it had ever been before.

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