Simulation is more than Software

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Model – Explore – Analyze

All in one application: design, experiment with ideas in seconds,
highly accurate validation

Ansys Discovery: Standard in Simulation

Ansys Discovery is the new standard for product development. By using a single tool, all parties involved in the development process can quickly design, experiment and validate ideas with high accuracy. Existing limits vanish. The effiency in product development improves radically.

Spotlight on simulation in seconds: using simulation in day-to-day design engineering

Design ideas and immediately see in the cad environment what is physically happening
Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021 | 2pm - 5pm

  • SIMPLIFYING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTThe new Standard in Simulation: Model - Explore - Analyze

    Model your ideas and get a direct insight in the physics at the same time. Validate your designs with high accuracy.  All this can be conducted with no limits. Don’t worry about tools, focus on your product development.

  • Confidence in designSave time and still get better products

    Explore ideas, iterate and innovate with unprecedented speed early in your design process with Ansys Discovery. Delve deeper into design details, refine concepts and perform multiple physics simulations to better account for real-world behaviors.

  • Lean processes and appropriate engineeringSTREAMLINE PROCESSES - AVOID OVERENGINEERING

    Throughout the entire development process, product ideas can be sketched, modeled, changed, played through, compared and reliably validated for acceptance without delay. In this way, engineers are able to develop products in quality, effort and costs as planned.

  • Simple, intuitive and self-explanatoryHigher motivation - more innovation

    Get the return of invest that you expect from simulation. Such a motivating tool like Discovery leads to more productivity. This guarantees considerably more innovation throughout the development process.

The Simulation Innovation of the Year – Ansys Discovery


The All-in-One Tool in Product Development

Sketch out ideas and simulate them at the same time

  • Immediate implementation of ideas through direct modeling
  • Experimenting in real-time simulation
  • Simultaneously model and simulate geometry

Precise validation

  • Precise validation of the physics through proven Ansys solver technology
  • Seamless transition between Explore and Analyze up to the proven Ansys simulation architecture

Intuitive user guidance

  • Fast and productive handling
  • Profitable for every user: help system that is always anticipatory, interactive and directly on the model

Flexible licensing

  • Single user or floating license
Ian Turner
Consultancy Manager, CADFEM UK Ltd

Free Test Drive

Get immediate access to real-time simulation with Ansys Discovery – Preinstalled and ready-to-use in the CADFEM Cloud. Furthermore you benefit from

  • Tutorials
  • Professional CADFEM support
  •  Answers to your specific questions


Ansys Discovery equips our team with a much better understanding of the physics behind our products very early in the design process, enabling them to meet customer requirements more precisely, avoid overengineering and eliminate uncertainties. This has resulted in improved product performance, increased design efficiency and shortened product development cycles.

Stefan Macho, Head of R&D Simulation, HAWE Hydraulik

Facts don’t lie: Ansys Discovery success stories

See what companies in development and design have accomplished with Ansys Discovery.

Understanding physics – designing better

The newly published book "Physik begreifen - besser konstruieren" contains eight recipes for better designing, thanks to Physics-Driven-Design. These are not simply design rules.

The recipes are based on years of experience in the design office and on an explainable physics background. Why does it work better to make a design tension-dominant instead of bend-dominant? How do you best distribute the stiffness in order to obtain an optimal flow of forces? What happens at points where you redirect a flow and how can you control this with the least loss?

This book is a joint project of (calculation) experts from the engineering office, Brand Engineering GmbH and CADFEM.

Your book presentation has encouraged us to use the software Discovery in the context of the lecture Fluid Mechanics, which is being redesigned. After all, we see the potential in it to make the physical basics comprehensible to the students in a clear and sustainable way.

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Bongert, FH Dortmund, FB Maschinenbau

Book review

Introductory presentation (German)

See what experiences OSRAM and Rohde & Schwarz have with live simulation (German)

Live simulation in teaching - the last obstacle has been overcome (German)

related training and webinars

Benefit from CADFEM competence - simulation knowledge from engineers for engineers. Book the Discovery training as a classroom or online seminar or on-demand eLearning.


We get the following questions about Ansys Discovery again and again. From the technical prerequisites to questions about use. You’ll find detailed answers here. And if not, we can help you personally. Please contact us.

What are the installation prerequisites for Discovery?
OS and graphics card
  • Windows 10, 64 bit
  • 8GB RAM
  • Graphics card based on Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal or Turing architecture with at least 4 GB of dedicated graphics card memory.
    Important: Update your graphics card drivers BEFORE the installation as Discovery uses the latest CUDA technologies. Go to this page and apply the latest drivers from there. Virtual platforms and Intel-based Apple hardware with Bootcamp are not supported.
Firewall and virus scanners
  • Port 443 (incoming and outgoing) must allow https communication with the server The process ansysls_client.exe (subscription handler) must not be blocked by the firewall. Ensure that the user has write permission for %LOCALAPPDATA% and %Temp%. ansysls_client.exe (subscription handler) must be listed as a trusted application in your anti-virus software.

If you have difficulties when starting the software in spite of these settings, feel free to contact our support!

What graphic cards does Discovery support?

Discovery requires CUDA-compatible graphics cards with at least 4 GB of dedicated graphics card memory.
Recommended graphics cards for professional applications are the nVidia Quadro series, gaming cards from the GeForce series are also supported.

If it is too costly for your company to equip multiple computers with new graphics cards, you can use the cloud services from eCADFEM for the use of Discovery with no need for hardware discussions.

Discovery is provided as a named user license. Do I have to specify all users when buying a license contract?

No, you receive centralized access to the administration portal .
There you can independently assign and switch access rights for employees in your company.

How do I get a quick start?

CADFEM will provide an experienced contact for you to perform a test. Use the link to register for a CADFEM-accompanied test.

Receiving CADFEM assistance also means that you’ll have the chance to ask questions and get answers based on your concrete model in a webmeeting after making your purchase.

Our CADFEM YouTube channel offers you additional material. Furthermore, you will find some tutorials as well as general help on all relevant topics in the English Ansys Discovery Forum.

I have questions about using Discovery. Who can help me?

As an Ansys Discovery user, you have access to the confidential support provided by CADFEM.

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