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Ansys process development: data management, workflows, and customization

Ansys and Digital Engineering with CADFEM: Technology, information, and processes perfectly connected.


The intensity of simulations with Ansys are rapidly increasing. Maximum efficiency in the design of processes and the allocation of resources is therefore more important than ever. Digitalization provides the necessary technologies. CADFEM as an Ansys Services Partner for Digital Engineering supports customers in using them optimally.

As an Ansys Services Partner for Digital Engineering, CADFEM is certified to support customers in the digitalization of their engineering processes. From conception to configuration to implementation.

For these tasks, which CADFEM specialists always implement individually and in close coordination with a customer's team, CADFEM uses in particular the open platforms of the Ansys Connect product family provided by Ansys.

Benefit from our experience from many implementation and expansion projects for customers of all sizes and with a wide variety of requirement profiles and specifications.

  • Consistency: Simulation and process data management (SPDM) with Ansys Minerva
  • Automation: Process integration, web applications, and variant studies with Ansys optiSLang
  • Material intelligence: Centralization of complete material knowledge with Ansys Granta
  • Detailed data models: Integration of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) into the development process with Ansys ModelCenter
  • Customization: Individualization of simulation processes with PyAnsys and Ansys Customization Toolkit (ACT)
  • Predictive maintenance: Simulation-based digital twins of products and systems
  • Artificial intelligence: Integration of machine learning and neural networks in engineering
In addition

Get started: CADFEM Digital Engineering Assessment

Thinking about digital product development holistically

Are you considering the digitalization of your development processes and want to take the first step? Whether you are already using Ansys or not, we recommend the CADFEM Digital Engineering Assessment.

Discuss your goals and requirements, the initial situation, and possible hurdles with a CADFEM expert, free of charge and without obligation

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk minimization
  • Resilience
  • Data security
Any questions about CADFEM and Ansys Services?

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