Simulation is more than Software

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Think global, act local

The CADFEM Group unites Ansys Channel Partners from various countries in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. The CADFEM Group is thus the biggest Ansys Channel Partner and supports its customers worldwide based on the quality standards of CADFEM.

CADFEM Group: Simulation software and services worldwide

CADFEM stands for the highest quality worldwide when it comes to simulation solutions in product development and research. With 500 employees around the world, our expertise covers practically every industry and application. With our business model: "think global but act local" we unite the qualities of a regional firm with the advantages of a global company.

The CADFEM Group in short


The CADFEM Group unites Ansys Channel Partners from various countries in Europe, Asia, America and North Africa. The CADFEM Group is thus the biggest Ansys Channel Partner and supports its customers worldwide based on the quality standards of CADFEM.

The other members of our network offer specialist knowledge and services in the areas of medical simulation, numerical mathematics and software development, design optimization, digital cities and digital twins. CADFEM also invests in start-ups to foster innovations and new ideas. The CADFEM Group has developed over the years out of the German company CADFEM Germany GmbH. Through the TechNet Alliance, a worldwide simulation network, CADFEM can tap the capabilities of highly specialized experts all around the world.

Ansys & the CADFEM group

A strong and sustained partnership - the members of the CADFEM Group form the strategically most important sales partner of Ansys, the world’s largest developer of simulation technologies. As an Ansys Channel Partner, we sell all Ansys simulation packages, from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, system simulation and embedded software.

Simulation is more than Software - Because software alone cannot guarantee the success of simulation, CADFEM is a system vendor, an engineering provider and an education provider rolled into one. According to our slogan “Simulation is more than Software” we combine products, services and know-how into customized solutions. Our clients receive everything that is essential for the success of a simulation from a single source: leading software and IT solutions, consulting services, programming, support, engineering and the transfer of knowledge. Worldwide.

New markets and simulation technologies

Beyond our core business of Ansys, the CADFEM Group is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to stay at the forefront of simulation technology. Therefor we invest in innovative ideas and fields of application, new simulation technologies and new markets related to our core technology of Ansys.

The CADFEM Group - a success story

From an engineering firm in Ebersberg near Munich to an international group encompassing over 21 companies worldwide: that’s the success story behind the CADFEM Group. Over the years, the group gradually developed out of CADFEM Germany GmbH. All company holdings are held under the umbrella of CADFEM International AG (founded in Aadorf, Switzerland, in 1997) and CADFEM International GmbH (founded in Grafing, Germany, in 2009).

Günter Müller
Founded CADFEM GmbH
CADFEM Suisse AG is founded
Optimization & China
Foundation of Dynardo, InuTech, CADFEM in China
New countries/markets
CADFEM offices in Austria, the CIS, Ukraine and India. New topics with virtualcitySystems
Medicine, digital twin
Founding of CADFEM Medical and ITficient
Europe and the world
USA, North Africa, Ireland, the UK, Southeast Asia, France

The business model of the CADFEM Group

We believe in the strength of small and medium-sized companies.

The holdings that comprise the CADFEM Group are held by the parent companies, CADFEM International GmbH in Germany or CADFEM International AG in Switzerland.

It’s important to us that the majority interests in the companies remain with the local management teams. This means minimal management costs for us and ensures that the local managers are highly motivated.

The local companies are smaller, flexible and, in principle, independent units with flat hierarchies, a high degree of trust, openness and employee responsibility and, thanks to understanding the local mentality, strong customer proximity.

Our approach follows the network concept in which access to a resource is more important than owning it. Renowned authors such as E.F. Schumacher and Salim Ismail see this form of company as the future.

Think global, but act local.


International locations of the CADFEM Group.

Investment in start-ups

As a forward-looking company, the CADFEM Group actively supports young and up-and-coming companies in the field of simulation. We also invest in new areas that are not directly associated with our core business of technical simulation. We work closely with the founders of these business so that we can identify ourselves with their ideas and business models.