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Up to date with a Digital Twin

‘What if’ analyses and operational simulations to ensure availability and minimize maintenance costs.

Digital twins help assess the service life and manage the maintenance of products and systems

Use real-time monitoring to expand your knowledge of your product’s current condition – the key to introducing condition-based maintenance and ensuring maximum availability. CADFEM provides the technology you need.

Benefits of using Digital Twin

lower maintenance costs
with predictive maintenance
fewer technical defects
with predictive maintenance
less downtime
with predictive maintenance
05:10 minChristof Gebhardt (Head of Digital Twin Lab at CADFEM Germany GmbH) and Teresa Alberts (CEO of ITficient AG) briefly introduce the concept of digital twin, as well as its potential of added value to plant operators and manufacturers

The digital twin - Exclusive video insights

These short videos will give you a compact overview of what a digital twin is, how it has been implemented
in projects of different application areas and how we proceed when implementing a digital twin.

Operators of plants or equipment benefit from digital twins by an improved availability. The exact knowledge about the asset condition prevents downtime and the loss of production. In addition, digital twins provide a view into the future and how the mode of operation can be optimized e. g. by balancing energy costs, runtime, maintenance demand, asset performance and product quality.

Instead of a pure hardware business, digital twins enable new services like predictive maintenance, recommendations-as-a-service, spare-parts-as-a-service or performance-as-a-service. The result of such additional, operation oriented services is a long term customer relationship and a better feed back about the real usage and the real need for future product capabilities.

Implementation of a digital twin at Verbund Hydro Power

Collection of different Twin Applications

Implementing a Digital Twin

Best Practice: How Technology Leaders benefit from Digital Twins
Recording from October 6th, 2020

Simulation in operation

Real-time sensor data, data from the control system or even information about maintenance cycles can be used to associate a physical product with a corresponding numerical simulation model. This digital twin not only allows you to carry out precise condition monitoring during operation but also lets you predict remaining service life.

03:55 minANSYS Twin Builder Used to Create a Digital Twin of GE Offshore Wind Turbine

Condition Monitoring for GE Wind Turbines

GE Wind will demonstrate how virtual sensors for the drive motors of its wind turbine control room help to detect potential failures in advance. This allows the condition to be assessed in real time and remotely without physical inspectors on site.

Watch this video to learn how ANSYS and GE engineers built simulation-based digital twins to monitor the maximum temperature and torque of the turbine’s motor coils to save time and money in the operation of offshore wind turbines.

Hydropower plant monitoring with Digital twin at VERBUND

Find out how VERBUND uses digital twins and virtual sensors to achieve the highest possible availability of its hydropower plants and a well-founded forecast of the remaining operating life.

Production maximization of a blast furnace

The operator of a blast furnace uses virtual sensors of a digital twin, so that the degradation of the refractory insulation and the remaining production time can be evaluated and optimally exploited.

Predictive maintenance in automation technology

Phoenix Contact shows how the digital twin of Safety Relays can help to forecast the remaining operating time, synchronize maintenance measures and increase availability.

Added value through digital services

CADFEM supports you developing business models that enable long-term customer loyalty and new services such as "Maintenance as a Service" or "Recommendation as a Service" with Predictive Maintenance.

Condition Monitoring in Battery Packs

Condition Monitoring in Battery Packs

A manufacturer of traction batteries uses virtual sensors to detect the state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-health (SoH). They become the basis for usage-based services for OEMs, fleet operators and drivers.

Virtual Sensors-as-a-Service of a valve manufacturer
05:42 minVirtual Sensors-as-a-Service of a valve manufacturer

Virtual Sensors-as-a-Service of a valve manufacturer

ITficient and CADFEM will present the new service of a valve manufacturer for oil & gas conveyors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase plant efficiency.

Condition monitoring in process technology

Condition monitoring in process technology

At the Hannover Fair 2019, SAP SE and CADFEM Group will present a digital twin for process engineering to evaluate the failure of critical components (e.g. seals) and to adjust operating profiles.

Differentiation through service for Kongsberg Marine Propulsion
02:08 minThruster RUL - Predictive maintenance

Differentiation through service for Kongsberg Marine Propulsion

Kongsberg offers online monitoring with virtual sensors for its ship propulsion systems in order to analyze their condition and the effects of adjusted power demand, with regard to maintenance requirements and availability.

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Plant operators can benefit by increased availability and equipment manufacturers by a digitized portfolio.

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Karthik Chittepu
Technology Specialist, CADFEM India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

IIoT Infrastructure

The physical, sensor-equipped assets require an infrastructure that processes the sensor data stream, feeds the digital twin and displays its virtual sensor data, such as remaining service life, in a manner appropriate for the operator. Today more than 600 IoT platforms are available. Simulation-based Digital Twins based on ANSYS can be integrated into all common systems.

03:44 minPTC and ANSYS

PTC simulates engineering solutions with digital twins using Ansys software

Ansys Blog: Ansys and Microsoft Work to Improve Digital Twin User Experiences

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