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Reliable model-based safe systems

Ansys solutions significantly reduces the time and effort required for software and system development

Ansys SCADE & medini – Reliable safety critical embedded software and systems

"Smart" electronics are of the utmost importance in modern software applications in the aviation, rail, transportation, industrial and medical sectors. Accordingly, the time and effort involved in design and certification are constantly increasing. With Ansys SCADE and medini, you can develop embedded systems and software quickly and safely and bring it to approval readiness.

  • Ansys Scade: System engineering & Model-based development
    System engineeringModel-based development

    Ansys SCADE supports consistent system design with automatic documentation generation and the structured definition of requirements and architecture

  • reliable systems by functional safety analysisQuality, Safety and Reliability Engineering

    Increase the quality and reliability of systems - Ansys medini helps to identify weak points and make systems more robust.

  • Ansys SCADE SuiteDevelopment of safety-relevant software and systems in in a completely integrated process
  • Ansys Embedded System: with certified tool qualification to faster time to market
    Software engineeringCertified tool qualification

    Ansys SCADE offers proven development, testing and approval strategies for reducing development costs and accelerating time to market

Highlights at a glance

  • Model-based development of software applications and interactive user interfaces (HMIs)
  • Interactive simulation for early understanding of functionality
  • Qualifiable/certified tools for reliable verification, code generation, test coverage and documentation
  • Consistent support throughout the software lifecycle
  • Data dictionary
  • Support for ICDs (interface control documents)
  • Special profiles (AUTOSAR, ARINC653, etc.)
Application Engineer

Software products in the Ansys Safe Systems product family

Here you will find our products for the creation, verification and automatic generation of safety-critical system and software applications.

Battery Management Systems - Development of Embedded Systems

CADFEM would like to show you what the software-supported development of a battery management system looks like. Virtual and physically very detailed and sufficiently predictable models are considered, which can help in the software development of approval relevant safety critical applications.

Get an overview of the methods used and get to know the interaction of the different simulation products for virtual prototyping. With our videos, which were produced during our Technology Day in July 2020, we would like to give you knowledge on the following topics:

CADFEM seminar on Ansys SCADE and embedded software

In the CADFEM seminar, learn the theoretical principles underpinning SCADE, from integration into an existing workflow to model-based software engineering and automatic code generation.

Webinars related to Embedded Software

Any questions about Ansys Safe Systems software products?

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Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.