Simulation is more than Software

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Reality is made of multiphysics

With the Ansys products for multiphysics and system simulation, you can couple different physics disciplines for a precise representation of the product behavior.

System simulation & multiphysics

In practice, products are subject to physical interactions. With our multiphysics portfolio from Ansys, you can consider these scattering influences in a field coupling and validate your product ideas with greater precision while still in the development phase.

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  • Realistic resultsDrag & drop field coupling

    With intuitive drag & drop functionality, you can create 2D/3D field, load vector, matrix and terminal couplings in Ansys Workbench. These simulation models take into account various different physical interactions for an exact representation and analysis of the product behavior.

  • Multiphysics, multidimensionalClean simulation with system and multiphysics products

    Household appliances are complex systems with a wide variety of physical properties. With the Ansys Multiphysics products you keep the overview of the correlations.

  • Ansys Multiphysics portfolioSystem simulation

    With the Ansys products for multiphysics and system simulation you gain maximum insight into the interaction of different subsystems.

  • Added value for your companyRuntime models for digital twins

    Ansys products for multiphysics and system simulation enable you to quickly represent and analyze complex systems with reduced simulation models. These digital twins can then be applied for condition-based maintenance or virtual sensors in product lifecycle management.

Highlights at a glance

  • Collaborative multiphysics with drag & drop coupling
  • 2D/3D field, load vector, terminal and matrix coupling
  • Runtime models for digital twins
  • Prescriptive analyses
  • Fully parameterizable workflows
  • Fast and scalable modeling
Sai Santhosh Manepally
Technology Specialist, CADFEM India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
Multiphysics in action

Powerful Ansys simulation tools for physical couplings solve complex applications in a wide range of industries.

Seminars related to Ansys products for multiphysics and system simulation

In CADFEM seminars about Ansys products for multiphysics and system simulation, you learn how to execute complex coupled system simulations.

The right solutions for your simulation projects

Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.