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Simulation of the fatigue life of components with nCode

With Ansys nCode, components’ fatigue strength is automatically simulated under different load combinations (high-cycle/low-cycle fatigue).

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Automated fatigue strength simulation of components with nCode

Ansys nCode’s user interface allows quick personal workflow creation. The data flow between the individual objects (glyphs) is clearly illustrated. It is also possible to program your own computational methods (e.g. for mean stress correction) via Python or Matlab and insert them in the workbench project page.

Ansys nCode DesignLife for fatigue and operational strength analysis

Software for recording the output and fatigue life of components

Ansys nCode DesignLife can be used for mechanical, thermal, static, transient and modal-based analyses such as PSD. It is also possible to combine individually computed analyses such as transient temperature analyses and static analyses via a hybrid loader to create a time profile.

Product Highlights
  • Direct integration into the Ansys Workbench interface
  • Definition of own nCode workflows
  • Own computational methods can be integrated using glyphs
  • Short simulation time using filter runs
  • Reduced data volume for the FE model (MCF file, MSUP)

This software is part of the Ansys structural mechanics product family

Key facts and use cases of Ansys nCode DesignLife

Fatigue life analysis

Fatigue life analysis for an electric motor under a PSD load spectrum in three directions in space.

Wind energy workflow

Damage analysis according to a certifier’s requirements. CADFEM-created workflow as per the specifications of DNV GL.

Fatigue strength

Analysis of the loads of an excavator. nCode uses various load spectra to analyze the loads on an excavator, including time series, transient analysis and vibration loads.

Damage analysis

Simulation of the fracture point on a gear shaft. In the damage analysis of a gear shaft with nCode, the simulation reveals a fracture after a small number of cycles, which can be easily prepared.

Calculation of fatigue life loads of an AL-KO caravan chassis.

The experience at AL-KO showed that in simulation with nCode, on the test bench and in driving tests, the same failure points emerged from a quality standpoint. Engineers can draw the necessary conclusions with FEM simulation alone.

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Training related to Ansys nCode DesignLife

With over 30 years of experience in the field of further education and training, we teach the content that you – whether a beginner or an expert – need to simulate successfully with Ansys.

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