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CADFEM Certificate Courses

Basics, enhancement, strengthening, confirmation: The path of the CADFEM certificate courses to become a CADFEM Certified Simulation Professional is based on a clear concept. With your participation, you will gradually develop into a specialist in the respective subject area. The current course with certificate of completion being offered is in the area of structural mechanics. Other topics such as fluid mechanics are in the planning phase.

Didactic concept for your sustainable learning success

The certificate courses for the CADFEM Certified Simulation Professional impart extensive knowledge for simulation through a combination of compulsory and elective courses as well as an intensive workshop week. The idea: according to the Flipped Classroom concept, you first learn the course content for yourself in the form of trainings & eLearnings in the sense of guided and focused knowledge transfer. The application of the course content for integrated learning and in-depth understanding then takes place in the joint workshop week. By discussing and reflecting on different approaches, you will gain the confidence to analyze, structure and solve various engineering tasks using simulation.

Time flexibility for compulsory and elective courses

You are free to complete the training courses of the certificate program over a recommended period of 6 to 24 months. Attendance and payment for the courses is part of our regular training and eLearning offer. Benefit from maximum flexibility in terms of time and location. With our eLearning offer, you can join the certificate course at any time and adapt the training to your specific work process.

Unique workshop week: discuss, analyze, confirm

This is where you strengthen your knowledge from the training sessions in small groups and develop a systematic analysis concept that forms the basis for a structured approach to your projects. Take advantage of the valuable exchange with participants and experienced simulation experts. A final exam confirms your qualification as a simulation professional in structural mechanics, which is verified by a certificate. Register here for the workshop week!

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