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ANSYS optiSLang

Automate and provide simulation processes,
understand, improve and evaluate designs

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ANSYS optiSLang

Ansys optiSLang automates simulation workflows by integrating parametric models from Ansys and other programs into process chains. Based on this, comfortable web applications for frequently used simulation workflows are created. Moreover, detailed variant studies on product properties, relevant parameters and relationships can be carried out and products can be optimized in a targeted manner.

Product Description

Process integration

Automated simulation processes and customized web applications

Ansys optiSLang automates simulation processes by creating process chains from parametric models. The integration and coupling of data from Ansys programs, third-party software or in-house applications is done via a graphical user interface. In this way, simulation applications are made available to other users as customized web applications, which enable simple use of simulation workflows in the browser.

Variant Studies

Systematically analyze and improve product behavior

The parameterized models serve as a basis for carrying out detailed variant studies and thus improving product behavior in a targeted, fast and cost-efficient manner. Sensitivity analyses enable the identification of decisive parameters. Using response surfaces, relationships between the design variations and the varying product properties can be determined and understood.

Product Highlights

  • Parametric variant studies
  • Sensitivity analyses and optimizations
  • Process integration for simulation applications
  • Interfaces to external applications
  • Wizard-guided working method
  • Extensive post-processing and evaluation of results

This software is part of the Ansys Connect product family

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In CADFEM training about Ansys optiSLang, you’ll learn working methods that enable you to understand complex interactions of product characteristics. This enables you to analyze how varying conditions impact the performance of your product while still in the development phase. Besides, take advantage of a brief introduction to the possibilities for evaluating design alternatives in our free webinars about Ansys optiSLang.

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