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License as a Service – FAQs

The most important questions about using eCADFEM License as a Service at a glance

General Questions

Last Change 08/30/2018

What is eCADFEM?

eCADFEM - Software as a Service means being able to use calculation software flexibly and in line with requirements.

Several thousand well-known customers use eCADFEM effectively for the successful implementation of their simulation tasks across industries.

eCADFEM offers a wide range of the world's leading FEM simulation programs that can be used "on demand" via a direct Internet connection and a prepaid contingent. In other words: You rent a license and only the time (wall-clock-time) will be deducted from your prepaid contingent when you have checked out the license.

In addition to sporadic use, eCADFEM offers the decisive flexibility and cost-effectiveness to react to short-term peaks or bottlenecks in project management. And not just for one user, but for several users at the same time.

How eCADFEM works

For the dial-in to our eCADFEM server, either the fixed, publicly visible IP address of your firewall is stored for your account, or alternatively a LM_PROJECT environment variable provided by CADFEM.

You install the software locally as a client installation on the computers within your LAN that are to use eCADFEM. The information for downloading the software is contained in the e-mail for activating your access.

In addition, set up the setup required for eCADFEM with port release (TCP outgoing) and setting the system variables. For the technical setup we have prepared a PDF, which you can download from our eCADFEM portal. Our CADFEM support team will be happy to assist you with the setup of eCADFEM.

After local installation and setup you can already start with eCADFEM. The connection to our eCADFEM server is established by starting the program. The dial-in stored for your eCADFEM account (Firewall-IP or LM_PROJECT environment variable) is transmitted to our server at the request and recognized as authorized. The connection is allowed, and the released products can be used locally and within your PrePaid quota.

Using SAMReport, the time from connection establishment to termination and return of the license is cumulated (=wall-clock-time) and debited from your PrePaid quota to the second.

With the Master Login for your eCADFEM account you have the consumption as well as all past connection data in the overview.

After reaching or falling below a certain residual value, you will automatically be informed the following day with an e-mail notification, so that you can conveniently and timely book a new contingent before complete consumption.

What is the function of the eCADFEM account manager or the support coordinator?

With your first order you name an eCADFEM account manager. He is our direct contact person for your eCADFEM account and for all topics concerning your eCADFEM account management.

The Software License Agreement will also be issued to this contact (unless otherwise agreed) and sent by e-mail for signature. This contact will be listed on the license agreement as support coordinator for the software manufacturer.

eCADFEM account manager (account management):

  • Logins for eCADFEM account (password-protected customer area on
  • E-Mail credit warning after reaching / falling below the previously agreed residual credit value
  • E-Mail maintenance notification for timely booking of a follow-up quota before the end of the eCADFEM maintenance period
  • Assignment of account-relevant changes, e.g. product categories, authentication, credit warning, cancellation of anonymisation of consumption data (DSGVO)
  • Contact person for queries regarding eCADFEM license assignments (e.g. long-distance runners)

Support Coordinator (License Agreement):

  • Contact person for software license agreement, contractual contact person for software manufacturer
  • Access to the customer portal of the respective software manufacturer for software download
Which version can I use with eCADFEM?

The eCADFEM maintenance included per quota is independent of the maintenance of possibly existing local licenses and entitles to use the latest software version, which was valid until the end of the maintenance period and was downloaded from the Ansys Customer Portal before the end of the maintenance period.

The use of a more current version via eCADFEM without correspondingly valid eCADFEM maintenance is not permitted under contract law.

With eCADFEM you profit equally from innovations and further developments of the software packages of the respective software producer. It is our goal to release software updates on eCADFEM within the earliest possible time after the official release date. We inform our eCADFEM customers about this by e-mail and about the news on our eCADFEM portal. Also the use of the previous release - depending on the license mechanism of the respective software manufacturer - is given retroactively for a certain period of time. For the use of previous releases, however, the current prices and conditions apply, the connection times are billed with current prices.

How are my connection times calculated?

The cumulated connection time (wall-clock-time) of preprocessing, postprocessing, solver - i.e. the total connection time including idle times from program start to program termination and end of connection - is calculated. As the user, you are responsible for the proper use and useful life.

eCADFEM enables the simultaneous use of several products, licenses and by one or more users at the same time. The billing is per task(s) and per cumulative usage time (elapsed time). The sessions are recorded to the second, accumulated per product (increment line) and automatically debited from the prepaid quota:

CustomerID323Produkt323Session Start323Session Ende323IP-Adresse323Username323Hostname323Dauer (h)323Kosten (EUR)323


Your login data for the eCADFEM customer area will be sent to you by e-mail after activation.

How can I monitor my current balance and consumption?

The password-protected customer area (login) is located at the top right of our eCADFEM portal. For each eCADFEM account a login and password will be assigned to the eCADFEM account manager. You will receive this personal login and password via e-mail confirmation (eCADFEM activation) from our eCADFEM team. In case of a personnel change, we recommend for your own safety to have the login data changed.

With your personal login and password, you can keep track of your current credit balance at all times, and with a calendar function you can select the connection times that have already taken place. The credit values and sessions represent the value of the previous day, 24:00 hours. The course of the sessions is provided with automated timestamps at 00:00 o'clock and 12:00 o'clock. These are system markers and do not correspond to actual start or end times of the connection. The eCADFEM account manager and the users are equally responsible for the proper use and duration of the connection as well as for the secure handling of the login and access data for the use and monitoring of eCADFEM.

CADFEM is not obliged to point out or reimburse any possible inadvertent use of eCADFEM or unintended connection times. The connection times will be charged regularly. We therefore recommend regular monitoring of the connection times.

How can I check my activated dial-in for eCADFEM?

Your currently activated dial-in for eCADFEM is stored for you in the password-protected customer area.
Also your current expiration date of your eCADFEM maintenance as well as your account entries or account shortfalls at the closing date and of course your current credit balance per product group as well as the currently activated modules.

The password-protected customer area (login) is located at the top right of our eCADFEM portal.

As the eCADFEM account manager, you will receive your personal login and password via e-mail confirmation (eCADFEM activation) from our eCADFEM team. For your own security, we recommend that you have your login data changed in the event of a personnel change.

Where is the eCADFEM maintenance end for my account?

Until when your eCADFEM maintenance is running, you can check at any time in the password-protected customer area. Please note our instructions for eCADFEM maintenance on our eCADFEM portal regarding the SetUp Fee (for new eCADFEM customers and for existing eCADFEM customers without valid eCADFEM maintenance). For orders the current prices and conditions apply.

The password-protected customer area (login) is located at the top right of our eCADFEM portal. As eCADFEM account manager you will receive your personal login and password by e-mail (eCADFEM activation) from our eCADFEM team. In case of a personnel change we recommend you to change the login data for your own safety.


Any changes to your eCADFEM account please inform us in writing as eCADFEM account manager for security reasons. The easiest way is to send an e-mail to our eCADFEM team:

How to undo the anonymization (GDPR)

Following the new European GDPR, effective as of 2018-05-25, all personalized data such as IP Addresses, Usernames, Hostnames have to be anonymized.

The Account Responsible can easily undo the anonymization of the eCADFEM data

  • by sending an email to or
  • by logging in to the password protected eCADFEM Portal and send an email directly from there

 The applied changes will be confirmed by our eCADFEM-Team by email.

Automatic e-mail notification

In order to facilitate the quota management for our eCADFEM customers, an entry for an automatic notification by e-mail can be made. Thus a new quota can be booked in time, before the current quota is used up. The notification is sent once to an e-mail address that you inform us of in advance.

When will the notification be sent?
All eCADFEM sessions recorded between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 are cumulated at midnight and are displayed on the portal on the following day. The evaluation and debiting of the accumulated sessions against the respective eCADFEM accounts takes place in the morning at 4 a.m. on the following day.
If the agreed amount for notification has been reached or fallen short of as a result of the debit, the automatic e-mail notification is also triggered around 4 a.m..

Amount when sending the notification
The email has a lower amount or even a minus amount if the use on the previous day was higher than the amount agreed for the notification.

For example, one of the following quota values can be selected for automatic e-mail notification. The setup takes place once, but can of course be changed. We recommend that you select a high remaining amount so that sufficient time is guaranteed for the internal purchase requisition.

  • with 300 EUR remaining credit balance
  • with 500 EUR remaining credit balance
  • with 1,000 EUR remaining credit balance

Please send your e-mail with the remaining balance to

Automatic notification with minus amount

The automatic e-mail has a lower amount or even a minus amount if the use on the previous day was higher than the amount agreed for the notification.

For this reason, we recommend that you choose a higher remaining amount for the notification so that there is enough time for the internal purchase requisition.

For example, one of the following quota values can be selected for automatic e-mail notification. The setup takes place once, but can of course be changed.

  • with 300 EUR remaining credit balance
  • with 500 EUR remaining credit balance
  • with 1,000 EUR remaining credit balance

If you have not yet defined an amount or would like to change the amount, simply send us an email to and we will tell you the amount for which the notification should be executed.


Your bookings will be listed on the eCADFEM portal under Bookings with details of day and amount.

This includes

  • Initial credit (first contingent)
  • Incoming payments (subsequent quotas)
  • Royalty fee (e.g. Ansys DesignModeler, Ansys Geometry Interface for Parasolid)
  • SetUp Fee (for new customers and customers without current eCADFEM maintenance)
  • Account settlement (usage amount without quota at invoice closing)

Note on Royalty Fee and SetUp Fee
Since royalty fees and the set-up fee must be ordered separately and cannot be offset against a contingent, they are listed both as negative and positive amounts in the entries.

Note on account settlement
If an account is overdrawn, the debit amount will be invoiced separately at the end of the invoice period. On the eCADFEM portal this amount will be noted as "account settlement" under entries and the account value will be zeroed for the new month. A settlement with a subsequent contingent is not possible.

Please monitor your eCADFEM sessions and your credit regularly and book a new contingent in time before complete consumption.

CADFEM is not obliged to point out or refund any inadvertent eCADFEM use or unintended connection times. The connection times will be charged regularly. Furthermore, a refund is not possible after ordering a contingent or a remaining contingent, a royalty fee or a set-up fee.


The following steps are required for the activation:

  • Your written order (completed current eCADFEM order form)
  • Contact details of the eCADFEM account manager
  • Dial-in information (IP or environment variable - LM_Project based)
  • Information on the desired product categories
  • Note on automatic e-mail notification to the eCADFEM account manager in case of remaining credit balance
  • Planned start date

After receipt of your order we will send you the contract documents (License Form) for your signature.

The activation can only be processed when we receive the signed License Form back. Prepayment reserved.

We will send you your activation data together with your login data for the password-protected eCADFEM portal by e-mail within a few working days.

So that you can use eCADFEM as quickly as possible, we will automatically create a support request for you when you start using eCADFEM for the first time. You will find the support call number in our activation e-mail. Our CADFEM support team will then contact you and support you in the fast and efficient set-up of eCADFEM.

Account deficit

In case the usage exceeds the value of the prepaid contingent, the account has to be balanced within the very same month by booking a new contingent. Any later charging against a new contingent is not possible. If the negative amount is not balanced before the end of the current month, it will be invoiced separately and is declared as "Unterdeckung" (i.e. negative balance) on the eCADFEM Portal. The account credit is automatically reset to zero.

Please monitor your eCADFEM Sessions regularly and book a new contingent in time.

Multi-user functionality / number of simultaneous accesses

eCADFEM enables the simultaneous use by several users. If you wish to restrict access, please let us know on your order. The billing is per task(s) and per wall-clock-time.


The software installation is performed as a client installation. All calculation data remains on your computer, behind your own firewall. The communication, i.e. the release for use, takes place exclusively between your and our firewall.

A non-disclosure agreement is therefore not necessary.

The ports to be set up only have to be released "TCP outgoing" on the customer side, the feedback of our firewall takes place via a secure port of your firewall which is already released by default.

SetUp Commissioning fee

A set-up fee is required to set up a new eCADFEM account and for subsequent orders for an expired eCADFEM credit. The SetUp fee is charged separately and cannot be offset against a contingent, a remaining balance or a royalty fee.

The SetUp fee is included:

  • Initial start-up (activation of a new eCADFEM account)
  • First commissioning of a further location (expansion of use)
  • Reactivation after end of term (for orders after 01.06.2018)

If your last order was placed before 01.06.2018 and your eCADFEM maintenance has expired, the SetUp fee will also be charged for the next order.

SetUp Fee for eCADFEM operation

For the SetUp of a new eCADFEM account and following up on an expired eCADFEM contingent requires a SetUp Fee. The SetUp Fee is charged separately and cannot be Offset against any contingent, remaining credit or Royalty Fee.

The SetUp Fee applies to:

  • Initial SetUp (activation of a new eCADFEM account)
  • Initial SetUp of an additional site (common use authorization)
  • Reactivation after the contingent's end of term (purchase orders after June 01, 2018)

If your last order was placed before June 01, 2018 and your eCADFEM has expired, the SetUp Fee will be charged on a follow-up purchase order.

Technical questions

Last Change 09/19/2018

License setting of individual model cells [Release 19.2]

Question: Is it possible to independently define the license assignment of the modeling in Workbench for individual cells?

Solution: YES - as of Ansys Version 19.2, users have the option of setting the license assignment individually for each model cell. The corresponding switch can be found in the properties of the cell. Depending on the selected simulation, the possible (and available) licenses are displayed in the selection box. The default setting is the License Preferences.

This setting helps to adjust the license assignment in combination with local licenses also in PrepProcessing as required.

Efficient license usage PrepPost

Question/Question: How can a quick (automatic) license return of the PrepPost license be realized in Ansys Workbench ?

Solution/Answer: Opening the Mechanical Editor in Workbench is associated with a license assignment. In the best case a Mechanical Enterprise PrepPost license is required.
(However, it is also possible to use a full Solver license here).  This license can be preset within Workbench via the License Preferences.

The "license sharing" setting, which is active by default, is well suited for most PrepPost applications and minimizes the usage fee.

For the use of the equation solver a corresponding solver license has to be provided. eCADFEM users can use the Mechanical Enterprise Solver license here. This license is checked out when the solution is started. If the Mechanical Editor remains open during the equation solution, both the license of the solver and the license of the Mechanical Editor are occupied and billed during this time.

After completion of the equation solution (which takes place as a batch) - the license of the solver is immediately and automatically returned. The Mechanical Enterprise PrepPost license is used to evaluate the results.

In order to minimize the costs, especially for variant calculations and longer calculation times of the solver, we recommend to close the Mechanical Editor and start the update from the project page.

Prerequisites for use

Question/Question: What are the requirements for using eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: For the use of the eCADFEM Service the following requirements exist:

  • Computer with network card
  • Permanent internet connection (DSL or ISDN)
  • Suitable router
  • Prepaid contingent for eCADFEM with available balance
  • Ready-to-use installation of the software to be used (please check the prerequisites for installation here if necessary)
  • Enabled authentication method (IP or LM_PROJECT)
  • knowledge/experience in the application of the programmes

The dial-in to our license server is done either with a fixed public IP address or using an identifier provided by us as an environment variable (LM_PROJECT). A contract with an Internet Service Provider that assigns a fixed, publicly visible IP address is recommended.

For successful operation, it must be ensured that the local license server is allowed to communicate with the ports of the eCADFEM license server to be released. For this purpose, the ports (1056 and 2325) on the customer side must only be activated externally (TCP outgoing). The incoming traffic takes place via a secure port of your firewall which is activated by default.

For authentication, a comparison with the access control data configured on the eCADFEM server (IP or LM_PROJECT) is made.

The technical requirements must be created and checked by the customer himself before an order is placed.

Tip: After setting up the ports, you should carry out a TELNET test to check whether the connection on your part to the outside of our server is possible at all. How the test is performed is described in our FAQs under "telnet".

Please understand that the hotline service is not an alternative to one of our software training courses and cannot replace an efficient introduction to the various applications.

Authentication / Dial-in - Overview

Question/Question: What are the authentication options for using eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: To use eCADFEM, one of the following 2 authentication options can be used:

  • existing fixed, public IP address of the Internet access
  • 12-digit identification using the LM_PROJECT environment variable (if no fixed IP is possible)

The necessary identification for LM_PROJECT is determined by CADFEM using a random generator.

A combination of both dial-in options is not possible.

The previous alternative dial-in using a 12-digit user ID will no longer be offered with the availability of LM_Project (as of June 2018).

Authentication / Dial-in via environment variable LM_PROJECT

Question/Question: What is authentication using the environment variable LM_PROJECT ?

Solution/Answer: LM_PROJECT is an environment variable for the authentication (dial-in method) of eCADFEM in networks without a fixed, public IP address. In addition, this method allows fast adaptation of the computing environments. Computers can be activated/deactivated specifically for access to eCADFEM.

Application: For this method of authentication CADFEM generates and transmits a 12-digit value to the customer for the assignment of the variable LM_PROJECT. This value is automatically transmitted to the server by the license mechanism and used as the dial-in identifier.

Under Windows, the environment variables are set up within the Control Panel in the "System" section under the "Advanced System Settings". The variable LM_PROJECT can be provided either as a user variable or as a system variable.

For the technical use of eCADFEM, this variable must therefore be set on all computers used for the respective users. If clusters are connected, the definition should therefore take place at the client of the software and also in the environment of the cluster used.

If the variable LM_PROJECT is already in use for other FlexLM software licenses, we recommend runtime-based assignment of the variables by start scripts for the respective users.

Authentication / Dial-in via IP address

Question/Question: What is authentication by IP address ?

Solution/Answer: To use the Internet-based license provision of our eCADFEM service, the customer's fixed, publicly visible IP address can be used.

The following private IPs cannot be used for eCADFEM:

  • -
  • -
  • -

The determination of your public IP address can take place e.g. by the service (

In the case of a router or firewall, the relevant outgoing port must be enabled for communication with our server (IP address Set the system variable to the corresponding port. The Internet connection must already be established or be established automatically when accessing the license server. A router is also to be preferred because these devices usually offer a firewall functionality that protects your own computer from unauthorized access (most devices allow everything outgoing, but everything incoming is forbidden). For this purpose, only the routing for the license server via this Internet access must be guaranteed.

Determine IP address

Question/Question: How can I find out the current IP address with which I am visible on the Internet?

Solution/Answer: A good way to view the IP address currently used for Internet access is to visit

IP addresses that cannot be used for eCADFEM

Question/Question: Which IP addresses cannot be used for authentication to eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: The following IP addresses cannot be used for eCADFEM:

  • to
  • to
  • 192,168,0.0 to 192,168,255,255

They represent private network addresses and are not routed on the Internet.

Connection test to eCADFEM Server

Question/Question: How can I check if the connection to the eCADFEM server is possible in principle?

Solution/Answer: For a general check of the connection a telnet request to the eCADFEM server can be used. Details of the application are stored in the FAQ telnet (telnet - Check the connection on customer side).

telnet - Checking the connection on the customer side

Question/Question: How can I test the connection to the eCADFEM server using Telnet?

Solution/Answer: The connection test via Telnet to our server is done via a command line query (cmd / DOS Box).

Note: For some Windows systems, Telnet is disabled by default and needs to be enabled before running the command (enabling the Telnet client on Windows 7:


 Connection test Ansys (port 1056):

(Open DOS Box/Command Prompt and enter the following text, then click ENTER)

telnet 1056

Connection test Ansys (Port 2325):

(Open DOS Box/Command Prompt and enter the following text, then click ENTER)

telnet 2325


Do NOT receive an error message (black screen) = the connection is successful.

If the connection or use is not possible, please contact our Technical Support Hotline.

Connection problems eCADFEM (Timeout)

Question/Question: How can I avoid connection problems (timeout) in connection with eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: The variable AnsysLI_TIMEOUT_FLEXLM can be set to 60 (maximum value) in the configuration file ansyslmd.ini on the caching server of the Ansys Licensing Interconnect. In addition, the system environment variable FLEXLM_TIMEOUT must be set to the value 20000000 (microseconds) for communication with the FLEXLM. After the changes, it is necessary to restart the services.

proxy server

Question/Question: Which special features have to be considered regarding eCADFEM when connecting via proxy server?

Solution/Answer: The connection via proxy server is not officially supported by the application. However, if the use of eCADFEM using proxy servers is to be considered, a transparent port forwarding of TCP ports 1056 and 2325 must be ensured (port forwarding must be transparent).

Combination eCADFEM and local licenses

Question/Question: Can eCADFEM be used in conjunction with locally provided licenses (to complement products and accesses)?

Solution/Answer: Yes, eCADFEM can be used in combination with local licenses. As a customer, you must ensure that the server entries are entered in the intended order using the "License Preferences" of your application. In this way you ensure that, for example, the local license on the local license server is requested first. IMPORTANT: Please check the hierarchical entries e.g. for software updates or changes in the configuration.

Technical operation: If the requested local license is not available at the time of the query, the eCADFEM server will be queried afterwards. The request will be served with the eCADFEM license and the application will be started. The use of this eCADFEM license is not automatically terminated if the local license is available again. To do this, the program and thus the license assignment must be terminated automatically.

If there should be delays in the response time of the local license server, the eCADFEM Server will be requested in this case as well and will provide the license for a fee if necessary. 
Our CADFEM support team ( will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the settings.

Product adaptation eCADFEM (REREAD)

Question/Question: What should I do if I change the released products for eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: If new products have been added for an eCADFEM account, it is necessary to retransmit the product activation to the local caching Ansys License Interconnect Server.
After activation of the product change by the eCADFEM team, a REREAD of the service should be performed using the Server Anslic Admin Utility. This updates the license selection and the added products are available in the selection.

REREAD of the license manager (Ansys from 16.1)


  • Start Menu > All Programs > "Ansys Inc. License Manager" > "Ansys License Management Center"
  • Click on "Reread License Manager Settings" in the menu on the left.
  • Then click on the REREAD button on the right.

Windows: "%AnsysLIC_DIR%\%Ansys_SYSDIR%\ansysli_server" -k reread 2325@localhost
Linux: /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansysli_server -k reread 2325@localhost

Session Overlaps - Router (Lancom Router Parameters)

Question/Question: Overlaps of sessions are visible in the eCADFEM usage profile. How do these overlaps occur and how can they be corrected?

Solution/Answer: A possible cause for the overlapping of sessions is a repeated router connection during active license connections. Usually observed with LANCOM routers, this can be avoided by adjusting the "TCP Aging" parameter to values greater than 7,200 (seconds).

RSM - Remote Solve Application for Workbench in eCADFEM

Question/Question: How can eCADFEM be used for calculations in the background (in the Ansys® Workbench using RSM)?

Solution/Answer: To start the solution from the active editor (e.g. Mechanical) the menu item --> Computer, Background below the Solve function (in the main menu) can be used. Please also check the license stored here in the menu > Tools > Solve Process Setting within the option "My Computer, Background".  This should be set to the Ansys Mechanical Enterprise Solver license.

After starting the calculation in the background (Remote Solve), the data status can be saved immediately and the interactive GUI of the editor can be left. This is the only way to release the interactive pre- and postprocessing license used for the editor. The license assignment for the equation solution ends automatically with the termination of the calculation run. By saving the data, you also ensure that Ansys® Workbench notes the link to the calculation in the background and that a later loading of the results is also possible after completion ("Get Results"). Subsequently, Ansys® Workbench can be closed and the computer locked (do not shut down or log out!).

Other computers / clusters for the equation solution can also be integrated in a comparable form, so that the local computer can be switched off after saving.

If the solution is started via "Update project" on the project page, the following setting must be made beforehand: Tools > Options > Mechanical: Release license for pending jobs = Always

If this setting is not adjusted, any actively used licenses will continue to be retained, thus increasing the useful life (and associated costs).
(Details can also be found in the setup documents in your eCADFEM portal - under "Best Practice").

Software Installation and Permissions

Question/Question: What permissions are required to install the software?

Solution/Answer: The software installation should only be done with the local admin or domain admin rights. A user installation with admin rights is not recommended.

The log file install.log is available for checking after the installation. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you with any problems you may have.

Setup for using the Ansys Electromagnetic Suite (redirect.lic File)

Question/Question: What adjustments are required to use the Ansys Eletromagnetics Suite for eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: To redirect the request from the license server to the eCADFEM server, it is necessary to modify the content of the file redirect.lic ( under C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\admin) as follows:


Multiple SERVER entries in a file are currently not supported. If a number of servers are to be made available, several redicret.lic must be provided (lic1.lic, lic2.lic..).

Ansys HPC - High Performance Computing Technology from Ansys

Question/Question: What is Ansys HPC technology?

Solution/Answer: Ansys HPC offers via eCADFEM a demand-oriented use of the high performance computing technology of Ansys. To increase the computing speed, the following license modules can be supplemented with Ansys HPC:

  • Ansys Mechanical Products
  • Ansys Fluid Products
  • Ansys Electronic Products

The assignment is made per CPU core (physical or virtual). As of Ansys Version 19, the 4 cores already included in the solver can be extended as required with this technology.

The following link leads you to further information around the topic Ansys HPC.


For the equation solution on 12 CPU cores, an additional 1 x Ansys HPC Pack is required (or 8 individual HPC licenses, which are not offered in eCADFEM).

Ansys HPC Pack - Parallel Processing on Multiprocessors/Multicores (CPU or GPU)

Question/Question: What does the license of the Ansys HPC Pack available in eCADFEM offer?

Solution/Answer: Ansys HPC Pack extends the high performance computing technology in Ansys to multiprocessors/multicores (CPU or GPU) via parallel processing.  As of Ansys Release 19, the Ansys HPC Pack license can be used for applications in mechanics, CFD and electromagnetics as required.

It is not possible to split an Ansys HPC Pack license into several users or several calculations. Ansys HPC Pack licenses cannot be combined with Ansys HPC, even if it is the same solution.

1 Ansys HPC Pack: the sum of the processor and GPU cores must not be >8 (max. 5 GPUs can be activated).
2 Ansys HPC Packs: the sum of processor and GPU cores must not be >32
3 Ansys HPC Packs: the sum of the processor and GPU cores must not be >128.
4 Ansys HPC Packs: the sum of the processor and GPU cores must not be >512.
5 Ansys HPC Packs: the sum of the processor and GPU cores must not be >2048.

No more than 5 Ansys HPC Pack licenses can be used for a single calculation.

ATTENTION: If identical licenses are available both on the local server and in the eCADFEM portal (Ansys Solver or Ansys HPC Pack), the real license assignment is determined by the response time of the corresponding license server.

Ansys ICEPAK - optimal use via eCADFEM

Question/Question: How can Ansys ICEPACK be used optimally in connection with eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: The following linked presentation shows different possibilities for the efficient use of Icepak and the FLUENT Solver via eCADFEM. For example, how you can optimally perform calculations overnight.

Using Icepak optimally via eCADFEM.pdf

Ansys FLUIDS - License changes at eCADFEM

Question/Question: What has to be considered regarding the conversion of CFD Solver licenses in eCADFEM?

Solution/Answer: From the end of 2017, the separation of license increments for PrepPost and Solver functions will also be available for CFD applications in our eCADFEM service.  At the same time, the provision of the comprehensive license increment was discontinued.

Dial-in via user identification (obsolete since 1.6.2018)

Question/Question: What is meant by dial-in via user ID (dial-in procedure obsolete since 1.6.2018)?

Solution/Answer: For the use of eCADFEM we generally recommend dialing in via IP, i.e. your fixed, publicly visible firewall IP or Class-C network. However, if your contract with your Internet Service Provider only allows dynamic IP assignment, you can now use eCADFEM via the user-friendly environment variable LM_PROJECT (see FAQ Technical: Authentication / Dial-in via environment variable LM_PROJECT) instead of via user ID since June 1, 2018.

If you would like to change your previous user ID dial-in to the more convenient environment variable LM_PROJECT, please send us an e-mail to

Description Dial-in via user ID (obsolete since 06/01/2018)
To dial in using the user ID, a new user must be set up on your computer(s) with the above user ID and corresponding authorizations for your LAN. The use of eCADFEM is therefore only possible via this user ID, but not via your regular login on the computer. This means that the user first logs off on the computer and then logs on again with the user ID and thus for the use of eCADFEM. To switch between different applications, it is also necessary to log off and log on. The user identification can be used by several users at the same time.

(Windows XP, Windows 2000)

Under Windows, users are configured in the User Accounts section of the Control Panel. Also make sure that permissions for this user are assigned sensibly. For working with the eCADFEM license it is recommended to work directly with this user (use login).

If the LAN actually contains a fixed IP address, which we have already recorded for eCADFEM, this IP address will be recorded and transmitted in addition to the actual user ID when using eCADFEM. Even if the eCADFEM dial-in only takes place via user identification. This double recording of the dial-in results in a double booking of the usage volume.

Therefore, please make sure that you do not use the dial-in via user ID in your company network if an IP dial-in for eCADFEM has already been registered for this network, otherwise the sessions will be billed twice.