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Artificial intelligence

AI and digital engineering: technologies that complement each other perfectly.
Bring them together - with CADFEM AI.

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Artificial intelligence for the world of digital engineering

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing many areas of life and economy. AI can be a key to enormous leaps in efficiency, especially where large amounts of data are generated and the level of digitalization is high. Numerical simulations and engineering processes are part of this.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent. By processing huge amounts of data in artificial neural networks, it generates and interprets texts, images and other information.

Other AI approaches are aimed at design optimization, test planning and the identification of correlations. Machine learning (ML) can be trained for this on test, simulation and other engineering data.

Deep learning (DL), which mimics human thought structures using multi-layered neural networks, goes one step further.


AI, ML and DL in engineering not only ensure even shorter development times, additional business models and greater innovative strength. They become game changers because they identify patterns and correlations from existing huge amounts of data and take our understanding of them to a whole new level. And they are constantly learning through new information.

AI in digital engineering - ready for the revolution?

June 18th, 2024 | 11-12
Sarah Yvonne Elsser and our guests discussed the challenges involved - from technical know-how to integration into existing work processes.

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