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Evaluation of welds according to Eurocode 3

The Weld Toolkit from EDRMedeso is a simulation tool for quick and easy creation and evaluation of welds according to Eurocode 3.

Weld Toolkit for the evaluation of welds

The reliability of welds determines the lifetime and safety of structures. The Weld Toolkit from EDRMedeso is a tool for the evaluation of welded joints and enables the creation of the weld geometry within Ansys Mechanical with just a few clicks. The evaluation is performed according to the most common weld concepts such as Eurocode 3, IIW or AWS. A direct display of the utilization level of the weld seam in Ansys Mechanical is possible.

Weld Toolkit - Weld evaluation according to Eurocode 3

The Weld Toolkit developed by EDRMedeso is a simulation tool for modeling and checking the static strength and fatigue resistance of welds according to Eurocode 3.

Product Highlights

  • Creation and evaluation of a large number of welds in minutes
  • Automation and parametric creation of welds in Ansys Mechanical
  • Evaluation according to Eurocode 3, AWS D1.1/AISC 360-16 or user-defined verification methods
  • Support of nominal stress and structural stress concepts as well as the local R1MS concept for volumes for fatigue strength assessment of shell and solid models
  • Visualization of results directly on the model
  • Results report for each selected weld calculation
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