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Demonstrably safe – even with plastic strains

Strength verification with FKM nonlinear including nonlinear material properties

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FKM NL inside Ansys

With FKM NL inside Ansys, an automated static verification and a fatigue strength verification, for mechanically stressed components, according to the FKM Nonlinear guideline, can be performed in the shortest time possible, static, cyclic and fatigue resistant. The report generation includes the complete presentation of all parameters.

Product description

FKM NL enables automated assessments of high loads that can trigger plastic deformations according to the guideline. The result can be in the low cyclic range, but fatigue limit could also be assessed. A load time series is evaluated directly, and sequence influences are accounted for.

With FKM NL inside Ansys, FKM parameter settings and results are introduced as result objects in Ansys Workbench. A first verification is thus permanently linked to the corresponding FE analysis. The required model data is transferred directly from Ansys Workbench and the verification is automatically calculated for all nodes.

Highlights at a glance

  • Strength verification including nonlinear material properties
  • Verification based on guidelines for complete assemblies
  • Utilize plastic reserves with nonlinear static calculations
  • Calculate the cycles till crack initiation for a given load time history
  • The FE model is taken directly from Ansys Workbench
  • Detailed documentation of the selected detection locations with presentation of the calculation steps
  • Full integration of the "FKM Nonlinear" Guideline
07:04 minFKM NL inside Ansys: Proven stability, also for nonlinearities

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