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Model, Experiment, Validate

Simulation with ANSYS Discovery, from the idea to product success


ANSYS Discovery is the simulation software for designers and developers. From the inception of an idea to the detailed design, ANSYS Discovery is ideal for the moments when more than one design option is on the table and reliable answers are needed without delay. ANSYS Discovery is closely connected to the CAD world as it is intuitive, reliable and incredibly fast.

  • Explain, discuss and give form to your design ideasFeedback in Real Time

    At the very moment you change your design, you can see what’s happening physically in and around your product – live and direct. That not only stokes creativity and curiosity, but also eliminates idle speculation and the need to wait for third parties.

  • Sketch, model, change, run through, optimize and validate product ideas The digital path to the best design

    Concepts have to be imagined and the best viable variant shall be filtered out of a multitude of options within the blink of an eye. This is where ANSYS Discovery comes into play. Throughout the entire development process, product ideas can be sketched, modeled, changed, played through, compared and reliably validated for acceptance without delay.

  • Confidence in designValidate with precision

    Verify your designs independent of the physical discipline. With an intuitive application and basing on the proven ANSYS solver technologies highest simulation accuracy is ensured – regardless of your task.

  • Simple, intuitive and self-explanatorySimulation for every engineer

    It has never been so easy to explain and discuss design ideas. Whether geometry modification, idea generation or design validation, the intuitive and consistent handling of ANSYS Discovery lets you concentrate on your development task again.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Simulation for every engineer
  • Simple, intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Available for all common CAD systems, including AutoCAD® Inventor®, Catia®, PTC Creo®, SolidEdge®, Siemens NX®, SolidWorks®
  • Leading ANSYS FEM and CFD simulation technology
  • Broad physics spectrum: fluid dynamics, structural physics, heat transfer, electromagnetics, multiphysics
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
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Anys Discovery Product Family

See what users of ANSYS Discovery have to say

As a designer, I am now more independent and can perform many tests personally. Discovery Live makes for happy designer!

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Facts don’t lie: ANSYS Discovery success stories

See what companies in development and design have accomplished with ANSYS Discovery.

Discovery applications, clearly and concisely explained.
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Seminars related to ANSYS Discovery

All CADFEM seminars are characterized by a strong practical focus, sustained learning outcomes and a pleasant learning atmosphere.
For work with ANSYS Discovery AIM, we recommend the following seminar, which does not require prior knowledge of the field of simulation.

Webinars related to ANSYS Discovery Spaceclaim

In our live webinars, you’ll receive current information first-hand, as well as helpful tips & tricks for using the ANSYS Discovery tools.
Compact, competent and free of charge.


ANSYS Discovery is available in various package options. What would you like to do? Just modeling without limitation? Or experiment with real-time simulation as well? Or precisely design and validate your products with simulation? The choice is up to you – and with the optional CADFEM Plus package you’ll enjoy even greater security and efficiency.

  • Discovery Essential

    ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim.
    The complete CAD system.

    Discovery Essential
  • Discovery Standard

    ANSYS Discovery Live incl.
    ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim.
    Assurance for design decisions.

    Discovery Standard
  • Discovery Ultimate

    ANSYS Discovery AIM incl.
    ANSYS Discovery Live & ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim.
    Operate independently of third parties
    even without an in-house FEM and CFD pro.

    Discovery Ultimate

ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Fast CAD modeling that’s fun to do! ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim offers exceptional speed and simplicity for agile sketching, model preparation and reverse engineering. The complete CAD system can be used to create, edit and repair geometries: easily, flexibly and extremely fast.

ANSYS Discovery Live incl. ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Experiment through real-time simulation! ANSYS Discovery Live requires absolutely no prior simulation expertise and scarcely any time for orientation. Practically at the press of a button, ANSYS Discovery Live neatly provides the key information about what is happening physically in and around a model. That provides assurance for design decisions. 

ANSYS Discovery AIM incl. ANSYS Discovery Live & ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim

Leading ANSYS simulation technology in the intuitive and highly automated ANSYS Discovery environment. ANSYS Discovery AIM is the robust solution for small and medium-sized companies that want to operate independently of third parties even without an in-house FEM and CFD pro.

ANSYS Discovery with CADFEM Plus

Fast and individual support when it’s needed. More than software: By, and only with, CADFEM.

All ANSYS Discovery packages are highly automated, enabling even occasional users to find their way without delay. But questions can naturally arise from time to time. You can discuss these questions publicly with the worldwide community of users in the Discovery Forum. Or you can directly contact the CADFEM team, which will provide answers promptly; confidentially, in German, and with expert knowledge. CADFEM Plus means that you can take advantage of this valuable and exclusive service.

Start Help
  • 30 days test of Discovery products
  • Full technical support during the test
  • Test start via online meeting
  • Online training when buying: Questions/answers based on your tasks
Professional support
  • German speaking
  • In confidence
  • Engineering knowledge at eye level
  • Competence for all simulation questions under one roof
Know How
  • Seminars on fluid and structural mechanics
  • Individual seminars for your special topics
  • On-site advice on all questions of the simulation practice
No Hardware Discussions
  • Ready-to-use cloud for easy and high-performance use for evaluation and commercial use.
Any questions about ANSYS Discovery?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.


We get the following questions about ANSYS Discovery again and again. From the technical prerequisites to questions about use. You’ll find detailed answers here. And if not, we can help you personally. Please contact us.

What are the installation prerequisites for Discovery Live?
  • OS and graphics card:
    Windows 7,8,10 64 bit, graphics resolution 1024x768 or higher, graphics card based on Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal architecture with at least 4 GB of dedicated graphics card memory. Important: Update your graphics card drivers BEFORE the installation as Discovery Live uses the latest CUDA technologies. Go to this page and apply the latest drivers from there. Virtual platforms and Intel-based Apple hardware with Bootcamp are not supported.
  • Firewall and virus scanners:
    Port 443 (incoming and outgoing) must allow https communication with the server  The process ansysls_client.exe (subscription handler) must not be blocked by the firewall. Ensure that the user has write permission for %LOCALAPPDATA% and %Temp%. ansysls_client.exe (subscription handler) must be listed as a trusted application in your anti-virus software.

If you have difficulties when starting the software in spite of these settings, feel free to contact our support!

What graphic cards does Discovery Live support?

Discovery Live requires CUDA-compatible graphics cards with at least 4 GB of dedicated graphics card memory.
Recommended graphics cards for professional applications are the Quadro P4000, P5000, P6000, GP100 and suitable gaming cards are the GTX 1070, 1080, Titan. These are common, extremely widespread graphics cards.
If it is to costly for your company to equip multiple computers with new graphics cards, you can use the cloud services from CADFEM  for the use of Discovery Live with no need for hardware discussions.

Discovery Live is provided as a named user license. Do I have to specify all users when buying a license contract?

No, you receive centralized access to the administration portal . There you can independently assign and switch access rights for employees in your company.

How do I get a quick start?

You’ll find a few tutorials in the English-language forum. You can get there directly from the software via the “Forum” tab. CADFEM will provide an experienced contact for you to perform a test. Use the link to register for a CADFEM-accompanied test.
Receiving CADFEM assistance also means that you’ll have the chance to ask questions and get answers based on your concrete model in a webmeeting after making your purchase.

I have questions about using Discovery Live. Who can help me?

Within the scope of our CADFEM Plus offer, you also have access to our confidential support.

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