Simulation is more than Software

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CADFEM Medical Conference 2021 online

In vivo, in vitro, in silico
Thursday, December 2, 2021

The central role of in silico medicine – what it can do and what we need for its practice.
CADFEM Medical Conference

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Simulation Conference 2021 digital as webcasts

Spotlight on numerical simulation in industry and research

A whole year of simulation.
Up-to-date, focused, and free. Secure your own update on the use of simulation in design & development. Request one or more Simulation Conference 2021 digital event series webcasts now! Note: Main webcast language is German.

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Simulation is everywhere. Also in your everyday life.

Simulation changes the world and makes it better. It is a powerful tool in our hands to successfully master challenges in industry, medicine and environmental protection.

Simulation is more than software.
It is a strategic tool in the development of products and drives innovations in the development of products and helps to improve them and drive new innovations. We accompany you in the introduction of simulation in your company.

How to introduce Simulation in YOUR Company

Realize your ideas. Master your challenges. Discover the potential of simulation for your company and be successful. CADFEM has the right solution.

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CADFEM and Ansys

We have been a successful Ansys Elite Channel Partner since 1985.
CADFEM is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development and a leading CAE provider,
and supports Ansys users with all aspects of simulation.
CADFEM operates within a strong partner network and is part of the international CADFEM Group.

Are you looking to introduce simulation or evaluate software or do you need project or user support?

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