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Empowering Digital Engineering

Recommended by Ansys: CADFEM as a partner for software, process development, and systems integration.

Digital Engineering with Ansys and CADFEM

Digitalization is not a ready-made solution. Rather, its success depends on how well the technologies used represent the individual prerequisites and requirements of an organization.

For digital engineering, the simulation-based digitalization of development processes, and entire product lifecycles, CADFEM provides its customers with unique expertise based on Ansys solutions:

Software customers
(2023, in the D-A-CH-Region)
Engineering projects
(2023, in the D-A-CH-Region)
IT service contracts and new HPC installations
(2023, in the D-A-CH-Region)

Digital Engineering, Simulation, Ansys and CADFEM

Digital engineering means exploiting the full potential of digitalization throughout the entire product development process and thus sustainably increasing efficiency, quality, innovative strength, and resilience.

Ansys simulations are a vital technology for this. They provide answers to countless physical questions from the entire life cycle of products and processes - quickly, transparently, and reliably: From initial brainstorming to variant comparisons, concept development and material selection all the way to aspects such as manufacturability, operation, and recycling. 

Automation, workflows, AI and individualization as well as centralized and efficient data management scale the advantages of Ansys simulations exactly as required. A customized, high-performance IT infrastructure ensures reliable and secure use.

With CADFEM, you get everything from a single source – individually, collaboratively, certified: Empowering Digital Engineering

04:13 minStatements from decision-makers in the industry on their Digital Engineering strategies (excerpt of a BLUEPRINT Digital Engineering Talk)

At BLUEPRINT, the Digital Engineering Talk, presenter Sarah Yvonne Elsser discusses current market challenges with top-class guests. The Live-Talk is aimed at decision-makers and employees who deal with digitalization topics.

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At WAGO, simulation is evolving from a fixed link in the development chain to a technology that accompanies the entire life cycle of a product, making it a profitably aspect throughout the engineering process.

Karsten Stoll, former CTO at WAGO Interconnection, now Senior

Digital Engineering Services in Detail

Ansys expertise: products, learning opportunities, support

CADFEM is one of 5 Ansys Apex Channel Partners worldwide in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Apex is the highest Ansys partner status and represents maximum Ansys technology expertise.

Ansys process development: data management, workflows, customization

As an Ansys Services Partner for Digital Engineering, CADFEM is certified to support customers in the digitalization of their engineering processes. From conception to configuration to implementation.

Ansys systems integration: Customized HPC and IT environments

As an Ansys Systems Integrator Partner, CADFEM also implements and operates complex IT environments for HPC applications: from local hardware as a private cloud to public cloud solutions from Ansys based on AWS or Azure. 

Get started: CADFEM Digital Engineering Assessment

Thinking about digital product development holistically

Are you considering the digitalization of your development processes and want to take the first step? Whether you are already using Ansys or not, we recommend the CADFEM Digital Engineering Assessment.

Discuss your goals and requirements, the initial situation, and possible hurdles with a CADFEM expert, free of charge and without obligation

  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Risk minimization
  • Resilience
  • Data security
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