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Strength verification for complex user-defined solid components

FKM verification for unwelded and welded components with FKM inside Ansys

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FKM inside Ansys – fast and easy strength verification!

With FKM inside Ansys, you can automatically generate operational or fatigue strength verifications for mechanically stressed components according to the FKM guideline, and in the shortest possible time. For users, a large part of manual data entry and error-prone formulas are eliminated. This results in a considerably easier interpretation of results.

Product Description

Fast strength evaluation with guideline-compliant verification according to the FKM standard

Highlights at a glance

FKM inside Ansys offers development and manufacturing companies the security of designing products reliably and quickly in a load-safe manner by means of a directive-compliant strength verification. The module reduces the time for strength evaluations of even complex scenarios to a minimum and relieves the user of manual entries.

  • Full-surface strength verification according to FKM guidelines for complex user-defined solid components
  • Identification of critical load cases through simple load case combination
  • Reduction of time for strength evaluations to a minimum, even for complex scenarios
  • Relief of the user from manual inputs or the input of error-prone formulas
  • Significant time saving due to simple user guidance
  • Automatic report generation on the critically stressed locations in intermediate and final results
  • Direct display of the FKM stress ratio results in the FE model in Ansys
  • Fields of application: Welded structures, castings, milled structures

Product description of the fkm inside ansys extension

Full-surface strength verification of non-welded volume components according to FKM in compliance with guidelines

  • Facilitation of the static strength verification as well as the cyclic service or fatigue strength verification according to FKM
  • Full integration in Ansys Workbench for quick and easy definition of verification parameters
  • Fast and reliable detection of critically stressed areas through full-surface verification
  • Visualization of the degree of utilization facilitates the interpretation of results

Strength verification of welds on shell and volume structures according to FKM in compliance with guidelines

  • Fast fatigue strength evaluation according to FKM for welded shell and volume structures by automatic determination of nominal and structural stresses
  • Full integration with Ansys Workbench for quick and easy definition of the verification parameters
  • Support of the user in the search and definition of the welds
  • Facilitated presentation of results through visualization of the degree of utilization
  • Use of the structural stress concept in the verification of volume structures and nominal stresses in shell structures

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Training for FKM inside Ansys

The training is aimed primarily at simulation engineers, test engineers, designers and anyone who wants to know more about the FKM guideline.

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