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Ansys custom-made for you

Suitable simulation solutions for highly efficient use

Ansys customization and automation with CADFEM

To ensure that simulation software meets your individual requirements, we develop industry-specific and client-specific additional solutions such as function extensions or vertical applications – make Ansys your Ansys!

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Success Factors


Simulation for all! If everyone involved in the product development process has access to simulation, better products can be created in a shorter time. CADFEM shows you how to operate Ansys at the touch of a button with customization and vertical applications.


Stoically repeating constantly recurring work steps takes time and harbors potential for sources of error. The Ansys tools “Application Customization Toolkit” (ACT) and “Ansys Customization Suite” (ACS) give you everything you need to customize and automate simulation processes. CADFEM frees you from annoying routines and creates reproducible standards.


Every company has its own special features, and this is naturally reflected in product development and simulation. As an open application, Ansys allows almost any customization with XML and IronPython. CADFEM provides you with comprehensive support in programming your own applications and functions.


CADFEM has been involved in simulation since it was established in 1985 and is one of the few Ansys Elite Channel Partners worldwide. Very early on, we developed our own vertical applications, which can be purchased today as ready-to-use CADFEM Ansys extensions. We are more than happy to incorporate the experience we acquired in this regard into your developments. 


During the project implementation process, we maintain an intense dialog with you from the very outset. We listen to you and analyze your processes. Together, we define the ideal goal. We achieve a precise result using agile software development and the modular CADFEM concept.

Development of the simulation methodology in harmony with your expectationsImplementation of your user interface in close coordination with your users.Integration into your business processes; training and supporting your users.

You are also more than welcome to make your own contributions as part of our modular concept so you can make minor adjustments yourself. Place your trust in us when it comes to optimizing your simulation processes.

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What CADFEM customers are saying

Martin Schabasser
Head of Design and Structural Mechanics, Group Division Hydro, Voith Hydro GmbH & Co KG

With CADFEM, the implementation of the development project was uncomplicated and worked excellently. All of our specifications were fulfilled within a good price/performance offer. We are now able to efficiently complete our simulation tasks with a powerful tailor-made tool.

Dipl.-Phys. Richard Birkner
Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG

We aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the behavior of our plasma lamps in operation using FE analysis. We reached that goal immediately after evaluating the simulations carried out by CADFEM. We can recommend CADFEM in any case: The prompt acceptance of the simulation project, the excellent specialist knowledge and the flexible processing of the project convinced us.

Dr. Oliver Sterz
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

With the automation project, the time required by the employees for the ANSYS calculation could be reduced to about one third.

Our services at a glance


Strong together

Intense interaction between CADFEM and the client defines the working relationship from the start. Once it has been established who the user target group is, what degree of automation is required, what hardware resources are available and to what depth the solution should be integrated, the software development process starts.


Tailored to you

The three-part approach (methodology, automation and integration) defines implementation. This proven CADFEM structure ensures optimum execution with the best results.



Agility replaces rigidity

Customization means adaptation. That’s why we maintain a lively dialog with our clients throughout the project. Intermediate versions are repeatedly presented, discussed and readapted in what are known as sprints. A completely harmonious software solution is the end result.


The entire toolchain covered

Everything at a glance

CADFEM adapts Ansys perfectly to your needs. We are capable of adapting all programs involved in the toolchain as part of our partner network.


Yvain Ballini
Managing Director, CADFEM France SAS

CADFEM Ansys extensions – developed in practice for practical applications

As an Ansys partner for decades, we’ve implemented our clients’ frequently recurring requests and requirements for extensions in products. The “CADFEM Ansys extensions”, which are CADFEM exclusives, are vertical applications that we programmed to allow you to hit the ground running. Equivalent programming solutions can be made for you at any time.

Any questions about automation and customization?

For further information we are at your disposal. Please contact us via the form.

More about customization and engineering

Find out more about software customization on our topic page. We already offer you ready-to-use adaptations from our company with the CADFEM Ansys extensions. We take care of simulation tasks for you as part of our “Simulation by order” service.