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CADFEM Ansys Extension Release

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CADFEM Ansys Extensions updates in detail

CADFEM Ansys Extension Release 2022 R1: The new CADFEM Ansys Extensions are now available for download.

Notes on installation and licensing for CADFEM Ansys Extensions


A simplification of licensing can be reached through central license management.

Is the current Ansys version supported?

Yes, the CADFEM Ansys Extension is available approx. 4 weeks after the Ansys release.

How can I download the latest extension?

Download will be provided via CADFEM customer portal. The license coordinator in your company has all access information.

Are there any tutorials and application examples available?

Yes, these are provided with the installation of the CADFEM Ansys Extension.

Do you have questions about the CADFEM Ansys Extensions release?

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