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Transient simulation of impact, drop and crash tests

LS-DYNA is suitable for simulating nonlinear processes with large deformations, stability problems and highly complex contact scenarios.

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LS-DYNA: Simulation of short-duration dynamic effects and highly nonlinear problems

Using the explicit time integration method within LS-DYNA, very fast and highly dynamic problems can be effectively simulated. LS-DYNA is also suitable for quasi static problems involving high nonlinearities wherein implicit time integration method cannot be used because of convergence issues.

LS-DYNA for arbitrarily nonlinear structural dynamics

Simulation of very large deformations and the most complex contact scenarios

LS-DYNA solves tasks with complex nonlinearities and avoids convergence issues. For example, short-duration dynamic applications, such as drop, impact and crash simulations, can be performed, e.g. nonlinear processes with large deformations, stability problems and complex contact problems.

Highlights at a glance

  • The most commonly used explicit solver, practically the industry standard
  • Multitude of computational functions
  • Accident analysis for damage limitation
  • Forming processes with large deformations
  • Multibody dynamics with nonlinear deformations
  • Assembly processes with stability problems
  • Simulation of post-critical behavior after reaching the critical point of failure

Very fast, dynamic processes can be effectively simulated with LS-DYNA.

Short-duration dynamic applications, such as drop, impact and crash simulations, can be performed with LS-DYNA, e.g. nonlinear processes with large deformations, stability problems and complex contact scenarios.

Frontal impact with a deformable barrier

The model of a Toyota Yaris comes from the National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC) of The George Washington University, while the barrier model comes from LS-DYNA.

Water-filled barrel drop test

The structure, modeled using Lagrange elements, can adopt highly nonlinear deformations.

Simulation of a bird strike on a turbine blade

The foreign object is extremely severely deformed and is therefore modeled using the SPH particle method.

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