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New in the top management: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hörmann and Josef A. Overberg.

Two new managing directors at CADFEM Germany GmbH

With Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hörmann and Josef A. Overberg, CADFEM Germany GmbH has expanded its management board with two new members as of July 1, 2023. The appointment of the two long-standing employees not only stands for continuity, but also for the further development of the well-known simulation and Ansys specialist from Grafing into a provider of pioneering digital engineering solutions.

With the appointment of Dr.-Ing Matthias Hörmann, born 1971, and Josef A. Overberg, born 1980, as new managing directors alongside Matthias Alberts, Dr-Ing. Jürgen Vogt and Erke Wang, CADFEM Germany GmbH is setting the course for the future. Both Matthias Hörmann and Josef A. Overberg can look back on a long tenure at CADFEM where they have become well acquainted with the workforce, customers and markets. They also bring a great deal of knowledge and experience from numerous customer projects to the table when it comes to linking simulation and digitalization in the product lifecycle. Digital engineering is a topic that could not be more current and in which CADFEM has enormous expertise.


Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hörmann joined CADFEM in 2003 after studying civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart and subsequently obtaining his doctorate on the topic of "Nonlinear Failure Analysis of Fiber Composites". He spent his first years working at CADFEM in Grafing as a computational engineer and as product manager for the LS-DYNA software. LS-DYNA is used to simulate complex highly dynamic processes, for example crash and forming processes. In the meantime, LS-DYNA has become part of the Ansys product family.

In 2010, Matthias Hörmann took over the management of the service area with a focus on training and support, before he then became responsible for Engineering Services, i.e., CADFEM's consulting and development area, at the end of 2015.


Josef A. Overberg joined CADFEM in 2005. Before that, he completed his studies in the University of Applied Sciences. After working in the CADFEM office in Hannover for several years as a computational engineer in a wide variety of projects, he took on his first management responsibilities as technical office manager in 2011. In 2019, he took over CADFEM-wide responsibility for business development. The Business Development Team of about 25 experts in various simulation areas has an important cross-sectional function within CADFEM, consisting of technology as well as sales and marketing support.

Simulation and Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering is more than simulation, because the holistic approach in every respect makes technical design and analysis processes more agile, accurate, reliable, and interactive. Through data management solutions, automation, workflows, and customization, CADFEM makes simulation technology an integral part of a tailored and digitized product development architecture for and together with its customers.