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Ansys TwinBuilder

System simulation: a key element of digital twins

System simulation
System simulation
Structural mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Electromagnetics, Acoustics, Embedded software, Multiphysics, Heat Transfer

Use system simulation to build the bridge between the virtual representation of complete systems and the real world

With the Ansys Twin Builder, the focus is on the consideration of entire systems. The interaction of software, electronics and mechanical hardware poses complex tasks for the development of intelligent products. As a multi-domain simulator, the Ansys Twin Builder links 0D networks, software models and 3D field model data from reduced models (ROMs) as the basis for a comprehensive system simulation. With the interfaces to IoT platforms and the possibility of coupling the models of the Ansys Twin Builder directly to the hardware, real products and their virtual simulation models are linked as digital twins in an unprecedented way. This makes it easier to compare different alternatives and identify the optimal solution.

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