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Feel and see physics: Live-Simulation in a Science Center

"Blade Pitch" is the world's first scientific exhibit with live simulation. Conceived in Nuremberg, built at the Aberdeen Science Centre, presented in the video.

From Nuremberg to Aberdeen Science Centre: Experience physics interactively

„Blade Pitch" is the world's first science exhibit with live simulation. Exclusively at Aberdeen Science Centre: Digital engineering technology for young explorers. Experience the installation in the video and feel the fascination of live simulation with Ansys Discovery now.

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Matthias Rudloff, Project leader at Hüttinger: “When I first saw live simulation, I thought 'OK, an animation.' But that falls short. Because what you see literally happens live and shows the real physical processes. Such a wow effect is a great addition to our range of interactive exhibits.”

What happens when you change the angle of the blade of a wind turbine? Or the wind strength? Or the blade is realigned because the wind increases? “Blade Pitch” is a clever exhibit from Hüttinger, a specialist in interactive exhibition concepts, which young visitors to the Energy Area of the Aberdeen Science Centre (ASC) can use to play out exactly such scenarios. The highlight: The experiments are visualized simultaneously on the screen via live simulation, which greatly helps in understanding how everything is connected in terms of physics.

Experience in the video "Blade Pitch", a joint project of Hüttinger, Aberdeen Science Centre, Ansys and CADFEM.