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Ansys Mechanical for structural mechanics

Precise numerical simulation for realistic representation

Realistical reproduction of structural mechanical physical behavior with Ansys Mechanical

From static structural mechanics and simulation of dynamic effects, to parameter and topology optimization, with Ansys Mechanical users can reproduce and solve their tasks while improving the design and minimizing errors. Uniform workflows and automation speed up and simplify the simulation process.

Product Description

Ansys Mechanical for structural mechanics

Structural mechanics coupled with other domains – such as temperature, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics – provides a comprehensive understanding of the product and increases the innovation potential. A combined view of multiple components leads to more precise coordination for higher system performance and greater efficiency.

Product Highlights
  • Automated and robust mesh generation
  • Parameterized workflow
  • Field-tested analysis default settings
  • Non-linearities of all kinds
  • Multiphysics simulations

This software is part of the Ansys structural mechanics product family

Tailor-made solutions for your requirements

Different applications require different approaches. For all tasks around structural mechanics and classical FEM simulation, Ansys provides you with the simulation methods tailored to your needs. Convince yourself of the possibilities.

  • Ansys Mechanical Pro

    For concept design phase analyses in statics with joints and nonlinear contacts, including friction and fatigue, transient temperature fields, buckling and natural frequencies. Parameter studies, topology optimization and service life calculations can also be carried out.

    Ansys Mechanical Pro
  • Ansys Mechanical Premium

    Supplementing Ansys Mechanical Pro’s range of functions, this package allows users to conduct further analyses in statics due to nonlinear material and examine vibrations and the rigid body movement of assemblies.

    Ansys Mechanical Premium
  • Ansys Mechanical Enterprise

    Supplementing Ansys Mechanical Premium’s range of functions, this package allows users to carry out in-depth examinations in mechanics, including multibody simulation with flexible bodies, explicit dynamics, fracture mechanics, composites and process simulation.

    Ansys Mechanical Enterprise

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Simulation can eliminate the need for many costly and time-consuming experiments.

Dr. Alfred Rieder, Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG

Video tutorials on Ansys Mechanical

Know-How: In our short tutorials, you’ll see how typical scenarios from development work are solved in Ansys Mechanical.

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