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Ansys Additive Print simulates metal 3D printing

Additive Print simulates and automatically compensates for problems that can occur in metal 3D printing, such as recoater arm interference (blade crash) and component distortion.

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Ansys Additive Print simulates stresses and distortions in metal 3D printing

Additive Print simulates the construction process in metal 3D printing and can identify critical points in advance using thermal and mechanical simulation, enabling the user to introduce appropriate countermeasures at an early stage.

Ansys Additive Print for AM printing

Avoid misprints in metal 3D printing with Ansys Additive Print

Additive Print can be learned very quickly and is therefore ideal for users who are not simulation experts. All simulations relevant to the AM printing process – e.g. blade crash, deformations, stresses and temperatures – are detected and visualized.

Product Highlights
  • Scan pattern simulation
  • Distortion compensation
  • Simulation-based support geometry
  • Flexible support generation with SpaceClaim
  • Prevention of blade crash

This software is part of the Ansys structural mechanics product family

Key facts and use cases of Ansys Additive Print

Support structures

Supports for stable component/build plate connection. The integration of support structures both creates a more stable connection between the component and build plate and dissipates more heat.

Warpage compensation

Precise components are created on the basis of compensated geometries. Component distortion caused by printing is automatically compensated for. To get precise components, a correspondingly compensated geometry is generated.

Scan Pattern

Simulation at scan pattern level provides more accurate results.

Preventing Blade Collisions

The early detection of critical points for blade collisions in the 3D printing systems is essential for production. Downtimes and high costs are avoided.

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