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Fluid Dynamics

Make fluid flows visible with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Analyze particle and material flows with Discrete-Element-Method (DEM) and SPH (Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics)


From electronic components to fuel cells, from air conditioners to production processes - the right tool for every challenge.

Ansys CFD – flow simulation par excellence

Ansys CFD is one of the most powerful simulation programs in the industry. Depending on your requirements, you will need Ansys CFD Pro, Ansys CFD Premium or Ansys CFD Enterprise. Specific solvers offer a solution for virtually any problem.

Product Highlights

With a number of preconfigured product bundles, ANSYS CFD offers a range of possible applications for flow simulation. It provides perfectly customized solvers appropriate to the task you face, or a tailored simulation environment with suitable pre- and post-processing options. With the ANSYS CFD Premium and ANSYS CFD Enterprise bundles, you can choose between two all-round carefree packages for flow simulation on an industrial-scale. To get started, ANSYS CFD Pro is also available with some basic functionalities.

  • Tried-and-tested solvers including Fluent, CFX, Forte, Chemkin Pro, and Polyflow
  • Many special extensions such as TurboTools for turbo machines
  • Representation of multiphase flow and phase transitions, chemical reactions
  • Solutions for thermal management and cooling problems
  • High-performance aerodynamic calculations
  • Simulation of the interaction between fluid dynamics and structures
  • Suitable for HPC (high performance computing)
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Fields of Application

When it comes to fluid mechanics, some people might only think of aerodynamics, driving and flying. But that's not all - with the help of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), practically all questions concerning the most diverse fluids (liquids, gases, mixtures) can be dealt with.

Internal and External Flow

Heating, Cooling, Thermal Dissipation

Rheological flows

Internal flow like in pipes, ducts and valves, as well as external flow around structures, extensions or entire vehicles can be simulated. Of interest are pressure losses, recirculation areas, drag and buoyancy coefficients as well as fluid forces acting on structures.

Thermal Management / Heat Management: Whenever phenomena like heating, cooling or thermal dissipation play a role, CFD can gain substantial insight. Convective heat transfer between fluids and solids as well as radiation and heat conduction can be accounted for. 

Rheological flow: highly viscous or viscoelastic materials as found in rubber or plastics processing, in glass production, or also in food technology, can be simulated with Ansys Polyflow. Manufacturing processes such as extrusion or blow molding can thus be represented in the computer.

Multiphase Flows, Transitions

Reactive flows

Simulation Accelerates Digital Transformation

Whenever several different liquids and / or gases flow simultaneously, we are speaking of multiphase flow. Typical applications are filling or emptying processes (e.g., tanks, beverage cartons), coating processes, or also smoke and particle flows. Phenomena like condensation, evaporation or boiling and vaporization can be taken into account as well.

Ansys Fluent allows the simulation of reactive flows – i.e., mixing and transport of chemical substances (with or without chemical reactions taking place simultaneously). Typical applications can be found, for example, in the chemical industry, in rocket technology, in power generation or also in the area of fuel cells and batteries.

Don’t hesitate to contact CADFEM regarding your own specific application! Almost anything is possible.

The right solution for you

CADFEM is your ideal partner for Ansys CFD - the comprehensive product bundle for flow simulation.

  • CADFEM supports you with expert know-how to gain a maximum benefit from the implementation and application of Ansys CFD.
  • CADFEM training on the use of CFD introduces you step by step to the simulation of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, cooling tasks, turbulence modeling or industrial mixing processes - just to name a few examples.
  • The support of pilot projects has proven to be very useful as a basis for the definition of simulation procedures in your company.
  • With the ANSYS CFD Premium or ANSYS CFD Enterprise bundles, two all-inclusive packages are available for flow simulation on an industrial scale. Ansys CFD Pro enables a quick entry into the world of CFD.

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Simulation Engineer, CADFEM Ireland Ltd.

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