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Optics in virtual reality

The evaluation of optical systems determines how the product is perceived and even whether or not it can be used in the intended manner.

Optical simulation with Ansys across the entire product lifecycle

With the Ansys optics product portfolio, you can implement optical simulations for a great variety of applications, such as light guide optimization, luminaire development or UV disinfection. Whether for design, engineering, validation or visualization, each result is strictly physics-based and therefore highly realistic.

Ansys optics products at a glance

The challenges for simulation are as diverse as the applications in the field of optics and photonics.
Ansys covers this broad spectrum with leading solutions.

Photonics: Ansys Lumerical

Optical Design: Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

Macroscopic optics: Ansys Speos

Automotive VR: Ansys AVXelerate

Photonics takes the wave character of light into account. Quantum physics methods must also be used in the calculation of photonic phenomena. The Ansys Lumerical tools are precisely tailored to this type of simulation. They can be used, for example, to analyze the properties of coatings, lasers or optical fibers in detail.

Many optical systems must be able to represent reality in a visually perceptible way - think of lens systems, cameras and objectives. Their highly precise design is necessary to ensure proper alignment of the beam guidance and to comply with the respective technical specifications. This special technical discipline is called optical design and is implemented in Ansys Zemax OpticStudio.

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Macroscopic optical simulation addresses the question of how the different phenomena of reflection, absorption, refraction and scattering interact in complex systems. It deals with luminosity, the uniformity of light distribution and the visualization of objects in terms of human perception. These are typical domains of the flagship tool.

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With Ansys AVXelerate, not only can driving be experienced as virtual reality with real lighting systems, but also realistic sensor data can be generated for the development of autonomous vehicles. Physical simulations are created on the basis of state-of-the-art software and various conditions are tested quickly and easily - already in an early development phase.

CADFEM – Your professional partner for advanced optical simulation

  • Professional know-how to gain an optimal benefit out of the implementation and application of optical simulation
  • Introduction to the wide range of possibilities for using optical simulation in the fields of sensor technology, medical technology, automotive, consumer goods and lighting solutions
  • Accompanying of pilot projects as a basis for the introduction of simulation methods in your company
  • Training and expert consultancy on the optimal use of Ansys software
  • CADFEM Optics Measurement Lab for material modeling to ensure accurate simulation results

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Success Stories on optical simulation

See how typical scenarios from development work are solved with Ansys products for the simulation of optical systems.

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Simulation is everywhere and affects every industry. Since simulation requires more than software, CADFEM offers everything you need for successful simulation from a single source: software and IT solutions, consulting, support, engineering and knowledge sharing – always on the cutting edge.